Our friend Taylor Kobryn has just released the mind blowing profile of Philip Moore from his 2019 video-of-the-year contender, Hit it Whet. As you have come to expect from Mr. Moore, Philip comes through with some of the most unthinkable technical combinations and negative grinds that will surely make you fall out of your chair in amazement. In his profile, Phil also shows off how well rounded and astonishingly laid back his style has matured. I mean, who else pulls off truespin negative misfits on kinked rails as casually as Phil? The answer, no one.

One of the things that was also unique about Hit it Whet was the song selections used were created 100% by rollerbladers. Phil’s section was scored to a fast paced track which was made by the multi-talented blade wizard Michael Briggs and the end result was absolutely incredible.

So peep the profile and show the Hit it Whet boys some love!

Also be sure to follow Michael Briggs on Soundcloud and Bandcamp for more of his musical contributions.

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