If you were one of the unfortunate souls that did not purchase the rollerblading film “Our Kid”, featuring street skating icon Nick Lomax, than today is your lucky day! Directed by Joseph Harvey and presented by Raygun London, “Our Kid” is entirely shot on location in the skate mecca of Barcelona Spain in May of 2019.

Joseph and Nick’s work on this short film is nothing short of breathtaking. From the awe inspiring drone shots of Barcelona landscapes, to the myriad of stunning architecture and abundance of skate spots, the film is a visual masterpiece. Then we have the skating of Mr. Nick Lomax, who is revered as one of the most naturally gifted and hardest working individuals currently in the blade game. Throughout the film, Nick showcases his wide range of skating abilities in multiple different environments, both on the unforgiving streets of Barcelona, to it’s picturesque skateparks. From technical switchups, humongous gaps done at breakneck speed, disaster cess slides, long balance rails, Nick demonstrates that he can do it all very, VERY well. Nick has come a long way from his emergence on the scene back when he won the IMYTA some fifteen years ago and it doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon. Which we can all be very thankful for.

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