One fine day in Lisbon featuring Rodrigo Brax Teixeira- sponsored Post

Recently smart magazine went to Lisbon for 24 hours to feature a range of interesting people from Lisbon, who are also connected with motion. Among them pro inline skater Rodrigo Braz Teixeira takes us for a look into his local turf, the city of Lisbon. Over the years we have been always closely following the skating scene in Lisbon and Rodrigo is an integral part of the current skating scene in Portugal, so it is good to see him in action again for this story.


Lisbon forces skaters to be more creative since there are a lot of hills, cobble stones, difficult approaches for spots and difficult landings. Still Rodrigo is able to take us for a nice spin through the city and also gave smart magazine an interview.

Enjoy the video and dream yourself to Lisbon.

And if you make it to Lisbon, make sure to drop by at Village Underground, a great place to meet creative people and to go for a party or a drink. Mariana Duarte Silva talks about her project which combines co-working and culture in an amazing installation-like area:


For sure you will witness a lot of street art while in Lisbon. To get a bit more of an insight into this, check out this interview with Kruella D’Enfer and AKACORLEONE who also customized the car being used for this feature.

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All photos by: broken bloke Production