This year’s Winterclash is the 15th edition of the globally most important rolllerblading competition, and to give you a short glimpse into the expectations of the attending athletes, we reached out to them to share their thoughts on this year’s comp. First it’s Borklyn Zoo, USD, Kizer and UC pro and USD’s most prominent face Eugen Enin.

My first Winterclash was 2010 Berlin, amazing experience! I wasn’t competing or even sponsored back then. So just enjoyed the full madness 🙂
My favorite Winterclash was 2016, because I really loved the obstacles that year and landed some of my best comp tricks up to date.
I’m going to this year’s Winterclash because I wanna meet all my homies from all over the world, see some of the best blading, have some great sessions and because it’s not that far from my Borklyn.
I look forward to Yuto, beer and slinky at this year’s Winterclash because… of the fleeeeeeeex!
I think Yuto Goto is going to win this year’s Winterclash because… he is young, hungry and got fire in his eyes!
See y’all soon!