The Winterclash competition has been the premiere blading event for several years running now, drawing competitors and spectators from all over the world to Area 51 skatepark in Eindhoven Netherlands. We aim to highlight some of these individual adventures that brought so many incredible characters into one location to share in our common passion of inline skating.

We had a chance to speak with a pillar of the Dutch blade community & Adapt staff videographer, Mr. Cavin Brinkman, about his long history with the Winterclash & what made this year’s event special for him.

Photo: Kevin Little, @kevinmlittle

You have been a staple at many of the Winterclash events, can you explain your first Winterclash and can you give us your craziest memory from the many years you have attended?

I honestly don’t know my 1st time anymore, all I know is the first time it would be outside of Germany. I am walking in Amsterdam with Adam Kilgore and the Denial team (Montre, Bolino etc) when all of a sudden Ralf Van Der Kerkhof calls me and tells to look at Be-Mag because the park burned down. The only person with a IPhone at that time is Sexy Dennis so we all gather around his small IPhone 3 screen and see a picture of Jojo in front of a burning skate park. I call Ralf back and he said I am already in contact with Area 51 about having the event there. Within the next few hours a group of 5 Dutch bladers and some local skateboarders who build stuff in the area are planning what can we build in a few hours so we can host the biggest blade comp. I forgot what we build all I know is that the down rail that is still there till today is built in that night. This is maybe not my favorite Clash memory but it will be the most memorable one.

I did not go to the Berlin one and I missed the one in 2012 due to a tour with a band but I have been a part of Winterclash since the day it burned down. I’ve helped with the building until a few years ago and since the last 3 events I’ve been helping with the videos during the “A Night With…” viewings.

Cavin with the man, the myth, the legend, Jojo Jacobi.

Why do you make it a point to attend Winterclash & why it is so special to you ?

For me Winterclash is important because it gives me the opportunity to see my friends from all over again all in one room/building. I never cared to much about the skating that much, but for me its about my friends. Usually my house is filled with old & new friends the weeks before and after, and if I am lucky and the weather gives us dry floors & I get the chance to film some of them.

Who was your favorite skater to watch during the event?

No one in particular but this year I found myself watching more of the contest than normal and I was surprised how high the girl’s and the youth’s level of skating was.

Can you explain your favorite memories from this year’s event ?

From this year’s Winterclash my favorite moment was to help Dave Paine out with the viewing of the legendary VG magazine and to help make the selections with my good friend Freddy White. I dislike skate parks and comps but I always look forward to Winterclash .

Selfie by: Dave Paine, @reggaerover
Photo: Nicholas Maye, @nicolas_maye
Photo: Nicholas Maye, @nicolas_maye

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