Introduction & Studio Photos | Jonathan Labez | @JMLabez
Words | Jason Reyna | @Jasonreyna

Jason Reyna has always struck me as a man about town. He’s everywhere you want to be and knows everyone you want to know. When I scanned through the trove of photos he sent me from his 2019, I was struck by the menagerie of faces and far away lands. One image after another, I could immediately surmise the pillars at the center of Jason’s life: travel, friendships, and blading. Combined, it is a life brimming with joie de vivre. One worth aspiring towards that isn’t focused in binary and posts, rather in the here and now.

As you glance through the adventures Jason has had throughout the last year, remind yourself to take the time to connect with the people you care about and get on a plane in 2020. Get a few good stories, meet some new people, and strap on your boots.

(Before I forget, Be-Mag and myself want to wish you a happy early birthday Jason!)

Where did you start 2019:

I started 2019 excited and ready for what was coming up. I don’t make resolutions or anything like that, but I do constantly strive for more than the year before.

First trip of 2019 was for the J. Ferg Birthday Session in Houston, TX

Where are you ending 2019:

The same way I began it, excited about what the future holds. The Blading Cup Series is already in the works and I look forward to working with more companies and contests to promote skating even more in 2020.

Photo by Jonathan Labez for Be-Mag

Favorite memories from 2019: 

There are seriously so many, but here are a few stand outs:

• Seeing friends get married

TABLE 5 at the Sapstein Wedding was the best table. clockwise (Arianne, Erick, Ivan, Jon, Viola, Mike, Jeff, Cheryl, and me)

• Traveling to new places and making new friends while seeing old friends.

After Blading Cup managed to hang around with some friends for a few days.

• The release of the XS THEM and the development of the 909.

Proud to work with this guy.

• And a random storm at the Grand Canyon.

Spots traveled to in 2019: 

• Eindhoven, Netherlands (Winterclash)

• Amsterdam, Netherlands

Next up was Amsterdam with Sean Darst and THEM Team before Winterclash

• Barcelona, Spain

Morning rituals in Barcelona. Coffee shop stop.

• Australia

• Moab, Utah

Corona Arch in Moab, UT.  Thanks to Tory for taking us on the hike to this spot.  Worth it!
The camping crew for Moab, UT. (Canadian Dave, Isiah, Alex, Erik, Ivan, Tory, Arianne, and me)
Enjoying some off-roading in the dunes with Ivan and Tory.
Just twinning with my older brother here.

• New York City, New York

NYC for the start of the 909 Release Tour. Behind the scenes with  Jon Julio and Chris Delfino.

• Japan

My first time in Japan
Japan was only made better by the people. (Yuto, Jon, Me, and Chiaki)

• And of course Santa Ana, California

These guys and few more not pictured are a constant in my life. Always have each other’s backs unless you’re playing against them that week. Blading Football League and Family. (Korey, Drew, Jon, Me, AJ, Arlo, Dave, and Tory)
Quick detour to Tatooine and a glimpse at the Millennium Falcon (Disney Star Wars)

• Fontana, California

• Palm Springs, California

• Woodward East, Pennsylvania

Playlist that sums up 2019:

As I age, I find I can get caught listening to old familiar favorites but once in a while a new artist will find their way into my playlists.  So I’ll keep it generic and say that there was a lot of genres going on in my spotify playlists.

3 video picks you watched over and over in 2019: 

Josh Petty’s VG 7 profile
Dustin Latimers Elements 2 profile
Everything Mike Torres puts out

Photo of you or by you that sums up 2019: 

This is me drinking wine at Mannly Bowl in Australia while it rained… the wine and glass were brought by a new friend, the location I’d never been to but felt very much at home.

The rain couldn’t stop us from having a good time at the Mannly Bowl.

Goals accomplished in 2019:

• New places and new faces, while maintaining old friendships.

Kevin Little and Jason Reyna. Photo by Jonathan Labez for Be-Mag.

• The release of the XS THEM and the 909s.

• Blading Cup series and Blading Cup itself.  

Seriously, the people! Oh and Vinny was randomly in town also.
Speaking of great people… Ariel and Rob G. at this years Blading Cup.
That’s a wrap! 2019 Blading Cup in the books.  We’re looking forward to 2020 Blading Cup Series.

• Oh and I got ordained… so basically I’m officially Reverend Reyna now.

Something in 2019 you wish you had done:

I sometimes feel like I need to take a moment and step back to appreciate things a bit more.  Thank people more for being a part of this and get more organized.

Something that made you grow in 2019:

2018 made me grow.  Losing Keaton changed a lot of things for me personally and in 2019 I continued that growth.  I am better about talking with friends and family.  Prioritizing what is most important to me and how that helps me to be better.  Getting out of my comfort zone and just being in the moments.  I focused on travel, friends, learning to adapt to new situations, and appreciating just how small this little blue planet we call home really is. 

In 2018, we lost Keaston Newsome, but that has only brought the Dallas Scene even closer.  Here we are celebrating his birthday and his mom brought us beer and cupcakes.

Something that kept you going throughout 2019: 

My family, and I don’t mean my relatives.  I’m talking about the family I have chosen to surround myself with.  These people motivate me, even push me, to do more.  

Switch top mistrial during one of many Thursday Night Sessions. Big thanks to John Sullivan for always capturing the moments.

What are you looking forward to in 2020:

Doing it all over again and even more!  I hope to continue to promote blading to everyone along the way.  Hope to see everyone at one or two events, share a laugh, a drink, and a good time.  Cheers everyone! Thanks for the opportunity! 

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