My 2015: Scott Quinn

Whether 2015 was an awesome or a terrible year is up for debate. If you are more of the “glass half empty” type, then it is undeniable that the state of blading truly is worrying. With social networks slowly killing legit media sources, Magma & [MAG] both quitting this year, iconic companies like SSM gone, more shops closing down, without any money to actually pay our best pros and print magazines becoming rarer and rarer, one has to admit things could be better.

On the other hand, 2015 has brought in the most fresh new faces to blading we have seen in a long time. The steadily rising level of skating is nothing short of incredible, and more diverse than ever before. Dedicated brands are still pushing and new, innovative products like the Aeon skate and CRS frame have hit the market this year. Finally, many contests, festivals & skate camps are putting in the work to raise blade awareness and get new kids on skates… Glass half full.

Scott Quinn‘s ability to drink you under the table sure doesn’t prevent him from smiling a lot either! The always positive Ground Control team rider received his first pro boot from Razors this year, relentlessly toured the planet to promote the sport, organized camps for kids, filmed a stunning street section with Anthony Medina, and won a couple of contests when he wasn’t busy stacking clips for a few more upcoming projects. Sounds like a solid 2015 indeed: cheers everyone!


Words: Freddy White
Photography: Json Adriani, Nils Skogstrøm, Bryan Harkin, Daniel Laufs, Sheldon Lapointe & Dustin Werbeski

My events in 2015:
Swedish Championships
Blade Days
Trick Track
NL Strasbourg
The Dee Cup
And more…

My Tour Life in 2015:
Razors Italy
Cayenne Summer
Razors France
GC Germany
And many random adventures with Joe Atkinson and Burston!

My edits/parts in 2015:
“Quinny” Pro Skate edit in Texas
GC City Missions
More still to drop…

My Countries in 2015:
Czech Republic

My injuries in 2015:
Back and butt was a bad one but good as new now.

Any specific moment or experience that stood out?
The arrival of my first pro skate was pretty surreal.

What was your worst day in 2015 and why?
Never a bad day.


Best in 2015:
Travel Buddy? Josh, Joe, Alex
Event? NL
Country? Italy
City? Barca
Meal? Elena’s Cooking
Song? Portugal the man – All Your Light
Girl? Elena
Company? Razors, GC
Beer? Any German Beer
Party? Too many to say
Tricks you’ve filmed? Top soul to bank in Lyon

Bestest in 2015:
Blader? Joe Atkinson
Up-and-comer? Conor Harkin
Bladie? Rosie O’Donaghue
Video? Nowhere
Videographer? Jonas Hansson
Writer? Freddy, David, Carson
Photographer? Sam Cooper

What’s planned for 2016 so far?
To keep the party going! More contests and filming projects already coming up, including switching the blades for Red Bull Crashed Ice at times.












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