My 2014: Nick Lomax

2014 has been a good one. New products got released, people traveled from all over the world to visit some of the great events out there, awesome videos and edits came out and the vibe has been great in general. But of course, everyone’s got their personal favorites and we wanted to know how 2014 looked like for some of our favorite pro riders.

Nick Lomax spent his 2014 living in Barcelona and destroying all that beautiful skate spots with his own USD signature boot. Every once in a while he left the city to compete in events all over Europe, but most of the time he was home, working on edits and turning his 2014 year into his most productive year ever when it comes to video edits. He released and produced more edits than anyone else and every single one was packed with great blading. Sit back, check out what he did in 2014 and take a moment to re-watch all his edits. It’s worth it!


Interview: Johannes Jacobi
Photography: Greg Mirzoyan

My events in 2014:

Slope style BCN
Rotterdam Invitational
Truespin B4 Winterclash event
BCN Extreme
FISE Andorra
Onda summer contest
Shred Cologne

My tour life in 2014:
USD Winter Olympics tour

My edits/parts in 2014:
OK, here it goes:
Winter Olympics Edits
2 UC Wheel edits
2 Kizer edits
3 Loco Skates edits
USD Pro skate edit
USD Recovery edit
Wheelscene Edit
3 Powerslide FSK edits
And all the edits I made for the homies (I’m still not sure if there is more)!

Cities in 2014:

Countries in 2014:

Injuries in 2014:
Two separate broken ribs.
Two separate torn ligaments in the ankle.

Any specific moment or experience that stood out in 2014?
My pro boot from USD was definitely up there. It’s an unreal feeling to be skating your very own skate exactly how you designed it. Every time I skate them is a great moment.

What was your worst moment in 2014?
Probably when I tore ligaments in my ankle at the FISE Andorra for the second time. I collided into our Swain on the ramp the day before the finals. Made myself an over night recovery using ice buckets and boiling water in the bath, reducing the swelling enough to skate the day after. Managed to get a 8th place but during the finals it rained us off, so the contest finished at 1am, and our bus to BCN was at 5am. No sleep and straight onto the next contest, Barcelona Extreme. I don’t think I’ve ever been that tired in my life!

Is there such thing as the best day in 2014?
Sleeping for about two days after my worst day haha!

Best in 2014…

Travel buddy: Eugen Enin
Event: Shred Cologne
Country: Spain
City: Barcelona
Online edit: Elliot Stevens Loco Skates
Meal: Shepherd’s Pie
Song: All
Girl: Nan
Blader: Daniel Skerzn
Website: Be-Mag
Company: Powerslide
Movie: The Interview
Beer: Estrella
Party: BCN
Trick you’ve filmed: Disaster Royale in BCN

What’s planned for 2015 so far?
Lots of trips and tours with USD. Less monthly edits, more quality edits. And whatever happens along the way! See you all soon!

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