Michel Prado‘s remarkable comeback story from his tragic injury years ago is stuff of legend and he has been putting out nothing but heat the last few months to promote his newest signature boots from Gawds Brand. Michel recently visited Brasil & Portugal to shoot this incredible new promo with the help of his super-friends Kalleo Hipólito ,Rafael Goncalves, Felipe Zambardino and Kaio Reno.

In the promo, Michael puts on an absolute onslaught of burly stunts and hyper technical tricks and shows that he is carrying the torch for connoisseurs of good old fashioned stunt blading. From hurricane topsouls on nasty stair rails, tech tricks on awkward wallrails to fully committed grinds on massive drop kinks, Michel pulls out all the stops for this video.

So check out the new-new and be sure to pick up Michel’s signature Gawds skates which should be available in major skate shops worldwide now!

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