It is always a great day when you get new Matty Schrock footage, much less a full fledged profile from the legendary Southern gentlemen! Matty was seen earlier this year nursing a knee injury which required surgery and adequate time for recovery but it didn’t take Matty and Joey Chase long to get back to filming and complete this full profile. Matty has always has a penchant for skating the most gnarly of spots coupled with some of the most difficult of tricks, and with Joey’s surprisingly skillful filming and editing at the helm, it makes this profile one of Matty’s best to date.

From his early profiles for Rejects and Radius Magazine (RIP) to his more recent productions with Shredweiser and Haitian, Matty is a man who has been in the game skating at an incredibly high level for a VERY long time. After paying his dues for decades, somehow Matty still seems to be flying under the radar for most major boot sponsors, whether that is a choice of Matty’s or not, is yet to be determined. But we feel that his skills, professionalism and dedication to the sport have earned him the opportunity to join the ranks of a major skate pro spot.

So here is a not-so-subtle, nudge nudge, wink wink to those skate manufacturers out there! 😉

Matty Schrock, backslide around the curve.

Be sure to follow Matty on his social media pages for more updates.

Instagram: @mattyschrock

Facebook: Matty.Schrock

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