The Be-Mag shop now ships internationally

The Be-Mag shop now ships internationally! We have taken care of all the technical details to ensure our customers all around the world a perfect shopping experience. Let us welcome you to the Be-Mag shop, and fill you in with the latest features we have developed for you!


First, you can now select your currency of choice so there is no need to use a calculator while you are shopping with us! In addition to Euro, you can also display our prices in US Dollar or Pound simply by using that little tool on the top right of your screen: simple!

Second, if you reside outside of the E.U. the prices will be automatically displayed tax free once you check out (1): here again, not only do you save money but you also save yourself the expense of doing the math and risking a headache!

Of course, we ship to all major destinations. We offer a 25€ flatrate on international shipping for orders above 100€, all over the planet (2). We also have a special deal for Norway and Switzerland, where shipping is only 15€ for orders above 70€. And as for European residents, the best shipping option is already displayed when you conclude your order: no matter where you are, we got you covered (3)!

(1)– However, keep in mind you might still be subject to your local taxes and/or custom fees upon receiving the package.
(2)– We currently ship to: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, South Korea, China, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia… And the list keeps on growing!
(3)– Your country is not on the list yet? Based on specific requests, we will try to find out the best solution for you. Shoot us a mail!

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