As soon as I started watching Joe Harvey’s „Our Kid“ VOD starring the USD pro Nick Lomax, I realised there are still ways to make Barcelona look new and undiscovered as a city, never mind the overexposure Barca suffered in the past two decades, thanks to hordes of rollerbladers and skateboarders alike treating it as their own back yard. And Harvey does it with great style, justifying the long, almost two minute intro. Also, kudos on the drone shots that don’t seem forced or out of place, but used to accentuate the actual skating, instead of just showing you bought a drone.

Words: Josip Jagić
Screenshots: Joe Harvey
Video: Joe Harvey

Joe uses the 2:35:1 aspect ratio that really compliments Lomax’ skating, and I’d love to see more and more videos shot this way, instead of the lo-fi 4:3, artificial SD footy trend we’ve seen relatively recently. The colors used really help us get a feeling of those hot Mediterranean summers Barcelona enjoys. The same can be said about the tune „I’m a Kid“ by Jadu Heart. Just think of those lazy summer days, starting with a nice breakfast, talking to your girl before hooking up with the lads and going for an all-day skate in the city. Endless sessions, interrupted only by stops to the corner store to get water and ice cream, and finished with large spliffs doing the rounds.

But let’s talk Nick’s skating now… He’s become one of the best in the world, no doubt. Freeskating really helped transform his style, making him seem lighter on his feet, faster and more nimble, like a cat. While you first think he’s just staying in his comfort zone, he starts dropping hammers left and right, beginning with a 360 disaster outspin topsoul on a drop rail and continuing with spin and flip action.

Nick and Joe go on to visit some of the best known Barca spots, but both Nick’s tricks and Joe’s filming give them a new quality. As I mentioned earlier, Nick has been doing a lot of freeskating and this also shows in the total mix of the tricks, more air tricks and an ‘urban conquest’ approach to spots instead of just the usual „approach forward-spin into grind – spin out“ routine, or the „weak trick-try to persuade yourself and everyone else it’s hard – while wearing cuffed trousers“ schtick.

So, is this a video worth getting? In short: yes, buy it.