Here at Be-Mag, we will not shy away from our absolute idolization of Leon Humphries. Few within our skating community have sustained skating at such a high level for as long as him. The overly used phrase “ages like a fine wine” couldn’t be any more suitable than for Leon. As last year’s “Devotion” VOD showed us, Leon is not slowing down in the least and if anything is skating better than ever.

And to celebrate Leon’s years of dedication and commitment to blading, he has been awarded a new wheel from the Go Project brand. His wheel comes in a smooth dark grey urethane in a 62mm wheel with the classic Go Project branding.

To kick off the release of his new wheel, Leon teamed up with the always entertaining Jon Lee to create this amazing promotional video. As expected Leon comes through with his trademark true top souls and imaginative lines at breakneck speeds and so much style you might have to clean out your britches at the conclusion of the video.

So peep the promo video and be sure to pick up a set of Leon’s new wheels in stores now!

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