The incredible VOD titled “Devotion” featuring the skating talents of Leon Humphries, is now available online! Devotion is a skate film shot and edited by Jonny Lee, and shot on location in London and Reading, United Kingdom. “Devotion” was a front-runner for video profile of the year for 2019 and rightfully so because it is a whopping eighteen minutes of action packed, mind-blowingly badass blading. Leon is one of the greatest skaters to ever come out of Europe and this is without a doubt his strongest profile to date.

Jonny Lee also does an amazing job in capturing the struggles behind making “Devotion” a reality and the often painful process that comes with filming a memorable profile. The duos chemistry is incredible and Jonny does a great job in showing how devoted Leon is to his craft and his constant need for progression. Hats off to both of the boys! We can’t wait to see what they cook up next.

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