From the minds of Sean and Colin Kelso, a new company called bacemint, with the help of Themgoods distribution.

Straight from the brothers Kelso:

Starting off, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t first thank Jon Julio for giving us this incredible opportunity to be heard. With that being said, Thank you Jon, much appreciated!

So… “ValoPhilly”? What’s that about?

ValoPhilly is a hash-tag we use and take pride in. For us ValoPhilly represents our city supporting the realest guy in the game. There isn’t one pro you could name who has been in the industry longer and more actively than Jon Julio. Period. From owning companies to continuously showcasing progression within his skating, in our eyes, he is the truest piece on the chessboard that shows this whole thing we love isn’t just for kids. Seeing how Jon never abandoned ship, how he continues to stay in love with and push the boundaries of rollerblading — seemingly better and better with each passing year — is something that is straight-up inspiring; and this dedication and resilience is something we all feel demands support. Hence the reason why so many of us in Philly have decided to rep Valo on our feet. It’s much deeper than just skating a dope pair of skates we love.

When you watch our video you’ll notice that everyone in it has Valo on their feet and embodies that type of respect for what Jon has done, is doing, and will do. Most of us out here are in our early thirties and have full time jobs. Not that we feel we deserve props or anything for that, but we like to think, like Jon, we’re showing you can be an adult and handle adult life without having to ever quit. If skating is fun and you like skating, it is manageable to make time for it.

So when you watch the video, you may notice it goes in chronological order; pretty much from the day we started filming to the day we stopped. It’s a session video, and the video portrays our crew going out and having fun on the random spots we’d come across throughout the Philly landscape.

For those of you who don’t know, we lived in Kansas City for a few years and this will be our first time back skating in the streets we grew up exploring. Living in Kansas City for as long as we did, allowed us to hit the reset button and come back to our city with a new pair of eyes. We really hope you enjoy all the footage we compiled, because we really enjoyed going out and making it come together.

As for our company bacemint, we don’t want to reveal too much about it until the launch on 1-1-17, but just know we put a lot of thought and hard work behind the brand. Make sure to check us out on and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo & Youtube for updates and sneak peaks leading up to the launch on 1-1-17.

Lastly, much love and respect to all the rollerbladers out there who love it and continue to love it. Keep skating and never stop finding ways to enjoy it, no matter what life throws at you!

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