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Kalléo Hipolito, owner of Bobik Lee, has just released his newest VOD titled “100MIRÉIS“, The video shows about three weeks of adventures in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo Brazil and also footage from Spain and England.

100MIRÉIS”, both the VOD and the magazine produced by BOBIK LEE, features skating by Bobik owner Kalléo Hipolito and also Jimmy Ferreira, Erick Varela, Pietro Mario, Lucas Fernandes, Greg Tawell, Matt Keating and Duda Flores.

Kalléo spoke with us and gave us this breakdown of the filming process for “100MIRÉIS” :

“I decided to promote Bobik Lee by creating the video “100MIRÉIS”, after leaving Brazil for a trip with no destination and no return date. I ended up spending about a year and a half exploring the world. It was a journey of personal fulfillment, it lit up my desire to skate and film, to grow and to express overflowing experiences and knowledge. The problem was that I only had my phone and almost nobody to film me. So I filmed myself. Those clips of me showing my new life and daily challenges ended up being the foundation for my vlog and also my Instagram.

But for me, it was actually still missing something, it seemed that the anxiety and excitement facing a spot could only be worn off during my participation in the projects of my peers. I felt like I wanted to mark my own territory, show what I can do myself, start from zero and see what I could build. I wanted to be free to explore my own creativity, and I was craving that feeling of complete and total satisfaction. For this to happen, I knew I had to return to Brazil. I needed hot winter sun, to see my friends and of course to have that warm feeling of having family around.

All that recharged my brand Bobik Lee‘s energy. Never before I realized how tiring being away from home could be. I remember always feeling inspired by watching old videos where guys and their crews were travelling in their vans. My friends and I wanted to do something like that, but we had to put our own spin on it – we went by bicycle! On some days we cycled more than 40km a day with our heavy bags on our backs: skates, tools, food, water. Some days it rained – and we were out of luck. See, to popularize something, including skates, you have to make more people participate. And there are some many who don’t skate – yet – but want to! And I want to reach out to them.”

If you are wanting to see some of South America’s brightest stars absolutely smashing it in their natural environment, than “100MIRÉIS” is a video that you need to add to your collection.

Just click the picture or link below to purchase the VOD and/or magazine!

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