Blader Union just released their newest project titled “Way of The Road” featuring Razors pro rider Jon Fromm & directed by talented videographer Brandon Andersen. The boys set out to film in various different locations to make for a diverse profile showing some of the best spots within New York, North Carolina, Florida, Oregon, and California.

Jon Fromm is well known for his extensive trick vocabulary and yet he still seems to come up with new and exciting combinations you haven’t seen from him before. To the untrained eye you might not realize that some of the more difficult tricks within the profile are actually Jon’s unnatural stance until you see him doing it later on using his natural footing. On top of adding to his already immense bag of tricks, Jon’s style has become smoother (Is that possible?), his lines look more solid and his spot selection has become more diverse.

Now to talk a little bit about the man behind the camera, Mr. Brandon Andersen. Brandon’s work on “Way of The Road” looks to be his best and most complete work thus far. Brandon has a way of creating an ambiance with his films that is truly breathtaking. He has a special talent in displaying the hidden beauty that lies within an urban environment, be it in a reflection in a store front building, a bird flying slowly overhead or a perfectly timed expression from a passer-by.

All-in-all, “Way of The Road” is an incredible profile, from the skating, to the filming, to the soundtrack, it has it all. It is an overall amazing job from both guys. Great job, gentlemen!

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