Shock interview with Hayden Ball

What is the origin and meaning of the word ‘chest’, how about ‘ice’?  How do you feel about everyone budzing your hog by using your lingo?

Chest comes from being ice or an ice chest cuz youre cold. you wanna be hot.  Its funny to hear everyone using my lingo but now everyone uses it so it isn’t really my lingo anymore.  Like whenever someone new comes into my life they just pick up on it and then their friends do too.

Which brings me to another questions, what is ‘budzing’ – did I spell that correctly? – and what the hell does that have to do with ‘hog’ – is that a homoerotic reference?

Budzing is ripping on the blades, chowing a good meal, hanging with the homies. Budzing can be used a lot of ways like , ” she is budsing,” or ” these skates are budzing!”  Budzing hog is not homoerotic at all, unless youre actually gay. I guess it sounds homoerotic, but it just means do me a favor. Like if youre going to get some grub and I was chilling i’d say, ” budz my hog and get me a burit.

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Hayden’s section in RIP SF  begins at 12:50.