Montre Livingston joins Create Originals

How is your stay with the Create Originals crew?

Chillin with the CO crew was fresh. We got mad shit done early, and in good timing too. I ended up rolling over my thumb and nearly taking my fingerprint off, so that kinda slowed things down a bit. But besides that the trip was dope. Thanks Brian L. and Hakeem J. for everything while I was in Boston and NYC. You dudes are the shit. (THE CO TAKE OVER).

You recently stayed with fellow CO and Nimh rider in South America, how did you “survive” the trip, I heard a lot about your rastas saving you several times?

Oh WOW…the South America trip. Where do I begin? It was John’s and my first time in that country and we got to travel together on the whole trip, so it just changed both of our lives. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and all the people I came across were cool as hell. We both went crazy for all the women there. They were all Beautiful. As far as being save by rastas, ummm I have no idea what your talkin bout. Because Im a G, I can save myself. (RUDE BOI).

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Introduces Montre’ Livingston To The 2010 Pro Team from Create Originals on Vimeo.

How will your CO design look like?

You wanna know how my frames gonna look before it comes out huh?? Well all im gonna tell you is that it’s gonna be SWAG, RASTA, and Fucking Gansta.

What are your plans with CO in the near future?

My plans for CO in the near future are to promote the fuck out of it just like my teammates are doing and take over the world duh! We have the rawest team alive right now so why ask questions of what we got planned. We just gonna do what we do ya dig.

Where are you going next after representing in South America and now in the NYC area?

The next trip I may go on after this one would prolly be Cali to do some Nimh shit with the whole team cause they are all there together now. Speaking of Nimh Shit, the video is coming out soon. It just had a few more kinks we had to fix, but be ready, it’s fuckin crazy.

How did you like Pier 62 skatepark?

Pier 62 sk8 park was absolutely amazing. It has so much flow to it and it’s also smooth as a shaved sugar glider. The NYC crews are lucky to have that park. It’s free, right on the water, babes walkin all around you, and it’s a nice environment.