Interview: Jordan Smith about Rolling With The World

Rollerblading is amazing. But why there are less video releases, less events and less tours year after year? In times when everybody has to wait longer and longer until something exciting is about to drop, Jordan Smith and Brian Freeman are starting a project that is pioneering. A show about blading and the people that love it.A show not only featuring tricks but also the personalities and stories behind it. A show dedicated to our lifestyle, culture and history. Something you can show to your non-blading friends and your family to make them understand our world a little better.

Jordan and Brian are trying to fund 12.000$ via. Kickstarter to make this project turn out great. feels like this is a highly required project and we hope that everyone can see the potential of this idea. Let’s tell our story to the unknowing. Let’s make this happen!

Jordan Smith
Brian Freeman

Hey Jordan, thanks for taking the time doing this.
Can you try to explain with two sentences what your project is about?
Rolling With The World is a series about the lifestyles, cultures, people and stories behind rollerblading. We are rollerbladers, traveling around the world to give you a show that captures the heart of what we do.

When did you come up with that idea and was it you and BFree from the very beginning?
A studio here in TX was producing original content ideas to pitch to networks. The CEO invited me in to add a bit of young blood to his team. All I had planned was to get out there and tell meaningful stories about rollerblading, and make it look as sick as every rollerblader knows it to be. So I grabbed a camera and headed to the Hoedown for some footage and brainstorming. At the Hoedown Brian tells me about his idea for a show called Rolling With the World. His idea was to travel around the world showcasing talent and culture in different scenes. In a few weeks I was down in Austin filming the trailer. The two ideas naturally fit together.

Why did you decided to it? What is you intention behind the project?
That brings me back to what I was saying about the studio in TX. Originally we made the trailer for a pitch we had packaged together for networks. When I handed it over to the studio they were very impressed and liked the show a lot. Unfortunately they were a bit older, a little busy, and all around clueless as to how to sell a show like this. So we took the reigns back.

Jordan Smith, Savanna (shot by Jaysin Willams)

I could have let nothing come of it but I believe in the potential of this project and the potential of rollerblading. I believe this project will flourish in the hands of rollerbladers. As our reach grows and opportunities arise I plan on getting it to as large an audience as possible.

Did you do blading movies before, or is that going to be your first project in blading?
Yes I made a blade flick in 2009 called Texas Curse.

What people and stories you plan to feature?
I really want to tell stories more meaningful than the last trick that was landed, or sad stories about the condition of our sport. I want to capture stories about the people, characters, and passion of rollerblading. We have plenty of really talented skaters we will meet up with and I’m sure we will make new friends along the way. Along our trip we hope to get to know people better and find out who has a story that needs to be told. The experiences that we share with these people along the way will naturally develop into something that I believe will resonate well with our viewers.

Brian Freeman Royal2 transfer Royale

How is the Europe tour going to look like and what places you want to visit?
We are going to travel through Europe leading up to Winterclash. We want to cover as much ground as possible for as long as we can afford to stay. We currently have plans for Amsterdam and I’m working out the rest of the details as we make more contacts.

How is the US tour going to look like and what places you want to visit?
We’ve mapped out a general route of the scenes and cities we want to feature. When I planned out the tour there was no doubt that we have to start in Texas. Texas rollerbladers are family and the scene is wild right now. I know Texas is going to hold it down for the start of a good trip. The rest of the tour looks really good too. We’ve stacked up a list of some really cool scenes. We are going to play it by ear as to how long we stay in each city.

Can everyone just join your sessions or are you going to meet up with a few people only to work focused on the different episodes?
There will be time for both. Big sessions are great. I love seeing skaters organize big contests, get togethers, and sessions. Rollerbladers tend to get rowdy when they assemble in large numbers and it always makes for some good footage. I would like to organize some bigger sessions and events for our stops. There will also be times when we are working with skaters individually and want to keep it small to focus on their story.

Brian Freeman

How is the DVD going to look like? Documentary style or the usual blading video with sections of different people?
It will be what you expect in a skate video. Rider profiles, montages, and shenanigans. The range of what you will see in the DVD is not limited to these and also dependent on the skaters and filmmakers we work with. I don’t want to limit myself or anyone else.

Who will be featured in the DVD?
At this point it is too soon to list names. We are reaching out to different key skaters and checking what their schedule are like for production dates.

Do you already know with what videographers you want to work together?
Yes! There are a lot of people we are contacting right now. People who’s work I both respect and enjoy. Since we will be traveling so much we hope to keep in contact with as many as possible.

Do you plan on showcasing the episodes to the non-rolling world? If so, how you plan on doing that?
Yes! Our format will be very “non-rolling” friendly. Everyone can appreciate stories of passion and feats of excellence. The episodes will go online for anyone to watch. After we get this first season under our belts I would love to take the complete series and pitch it to television networks.

What happens if you can’t reach the 12.000 $ goal?
I am very passionate about making something of this project. The Kickstarter is largely a way for the rollerblading community to get involved and stand behind a good project. If the fundraising isn’t successful we will just have to adapt. One way or the other I plan on doing this project.

Thanks for the information Jordan. We wish you good luck and will keep our readers updated about the process!

Rolling With The World – Original Content Promo from Jordan Smith on Vimeo.

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