Interview: Johan Berthonneau about the FISE 16


The FISE (Festival International des Sports Extremes) is the longest existing event of its kind in Europe. Every year in May ten thousands of people are enjoying one of the greatest extreme sports shows on the planet. Blading, BMX, Wakeboarding, Mountain Bike and Skateboarding are just some of the sports you can experience. Add some wild parties and you will for sure enjoy one of the best weekends of the year in (mostly) sunny Montpellier. This year’s event will have some major changes for blading, which is why we talked to Johan Berthonneau, one of guys behind, about what’s new and what people can expect from the FISE 16.
Johan Berthonneau

Hey Johan. The FISE is coming close, are you getting stressed out already?
Ahaha Stressed ? No I’m eager more than ever.
How long are you part of the FISE team now?
I start working with the FISE in April 2006 so 6 years now. That’s going to be my 7th FISE as an organizer.
How does your normal work day looks like?
Hum every day is different since 6 years, sometimes it’s a full month at the office working on the computer and meeting with colleague, sometimes it’s a full week or more of trip for little events, sometimes it’s a big trip for big events. So I don’t have a normal work day but every day and everywhere my tools are computer and smart phone.
The Office is close to Montpellier, most of the events are in France and few of them in foreign country.
There are some major changes for this year’s event in Montpellier. Different park, different contest system… What exactly will be different?
Each year we’ve something new at FISE this year Inline got the novelty. And as you say … that’s gonna be different! Really different for Inline. We gonna have our own area 100% for Inline. We’re not sharing the Park with BMX’ers anymore. The Inline area is going to be a slope style. We gonna use a street with a down part and adapt our usual ramp on that street and mix it with street part.

Will there be a “normal” contest on the same park with the BMX guys again, or will there be no blading on this park this time?
One of the main goals is to have an area for each sport so we’re not planning a competition for Inline on the BMX Park. I know that few riders gonna be sad to not ride the BMX Park which looks really great that year again but I also know that everybody will appreciate riding during the 5 days of event and not feel to be the little bro of BMX like past years.
What about the girls competition? On the same park?
Yes, Girls will ride the Slopestyle too.
Can you already confirm some bigger names, or is that not confirmed yet?
Right now I’ve a confirmation from:
Warren Digne
Dre Powell
Mathias Silhan
Jeremy Suarez
Roman Abrate
Nils Janson
Domnik Wagner
Romain Godenaire
Stefan Horngacher
Adrien Anne
Dave Lang
Yuri Botelho
Alex Burston
Guillaume Legentil
Maxime Genoud
Stephane Alfano

Do you already know what the prize money will be like?
Slopestyle Pro: 5.000 €
1: 2 000 €
2: 1 250 €
3: 750 €
4: 400 €
5: 250 €
6: 150 €
7: 100 €
8: 100 €
Slopestyle Amateur: 700 €
1: 300 €
2: 200 €
3: 100 €
4: 50 €
5: 50 €
Spine Ramp Pro: 1.100€
1: 600€
2: 300€
3: 200€

In the last years blading always got huge attention from thousands of people, since the contest happened on the main park. Do you think there will be less attention from the crowd with the new special skatepark?
No I don’t think there will have less attention for Inline and I seriously hope more. Of course I know that some people will complain to don’t be any more on what you call the “main park” because it’s in the middle of FISE and there is these natural bench … but there’s no “main park” at FISE and with the crew we’re thinking that’s better for Inline to have its own area. Firstly sharing the park with BMX was shitty, 2 sports … too much categories, 1 park = no fun, no training for the riders who are traveling for ride it. It was too much, especially the past year with the rain.
Plus seriously compare to BMX since all these years as you says we’re looking like the little boy. They’re going faster, higher and bigger with big tricks that the crowd understands because everybody have already ride a bike and don’t understand how you can whip it. So riding with them for me is a mistake this is not what Inline is. For me Inline “freestyle” is a way you go with your skates and if there is a rail you grind it, if there is a drop you gap it, if there is something artistic or fun to do you kick it. It’s what we try to do that year. And I think that the crowd gonna love it and that the riders gonna enjoy.
Thanks for the update Johan!

Teaser FISE 16 – official [HD] from FISE on Vimeo.