Interview and Top 5: Nils Jansons

Nils Jansons (shot by Pietro Firrincieli)

Cream rises to the top. Nils Janson is without a doubt one of the industries most exciting prospects. Becoming the ONE Magazine Skater of the year and placing second at the Winterclash 2012 are just some of the achievements on his way. Usually seen cruising around a spot or skatepark looking very relaxed and care free with his headphones on, and then in the blink of an eye has just landed an unthinkable trick. Nils constantly pushes the boundaries of Blading and he shows no sign of slowing down. After submitting one of the best entries to the W.R.S video competition he just laughed about the controversy that the voting caused and carried on blading. This is Nils, care free with his blades on. And that’s what makes him the hero of a whole new generation of kids.

We are excited to follow him on his way and are proud to present a short interview and the Nils Jansons Top 5.

Where are you right now and what are you doing these days?
Right now I’m chillin, blading here in Latvia. Home for a while. Been traveling this year pretty much and will continue to do that. Now we’re putting together event here in Riga which should be pretty awesome. Going to university this year and just still blade hard yo.

How is the shooting for the ONE Skater of the year interview going?
Could be better but we’re almost done with it. It’s a big struggle with good spots here in Latvia and I was injured now and then, so it didn’t go as quick as I wanted. But just wait for it and it should be pretty solid at the end.

What trips you went on in 2012 so far and what was the best so far?
I went to Winterclash of course, and the Laced comp in UK. Fise was pretty fun, because it was first time for me. Went on the Bladelicious tour with my homies and Joe Atkinson around the area where I live. And the best trip so far was the Hedonskate Summer Tour with Bolino, Montre, Josh, Freddy and all the polish homies around Sweden, Poland and Germany. Definitely I loved staying in Berlin! I’m going back there for sure. Great times!

What’s your plans in the future, now that you’re skater of the year already?
Just blade! Film some real hammer section once and for all!!

Pro team soon? Pro skate soon?
Wait for the next year and you’ll see. I don’t want to talk about it before it has happened, u know!

Fishbrain (shot by Kuba Urbańczyk)

Top 5 Questions:

Top 5 (worst) things about the USA vs. Euro shit when the WRS contest was on?
– People think it’s a real battle, like a box match!
– People talk shit instead of going out and having fun….dumbasses
– Just too much shit talking and too less action
– Not understanding that’s just pointless, because people who really care about blading don’t give a fuck about that shit
– Stop it!!!!

Top 5 words to describe yourself
– Joyful
– Passionate
– Dude
– Smile
– High

Top 5 things about you nobody knows.
– I played golf when I was little for like 4years, so I can fuck u up on the golf course.
– I assassinate people who’re not nice to me.
– I was addicted to Skate on Xbox 360.
– I’m a serious dude! No I’m not. This one was a lie!
– I’m going to university tomorrow.

Top 5 things about living in Latvia
– My family.
– My girlfriend.
– My homies.
– Spots suck, so when you go somewhere else it’s like paradise.
– Nobody knows about it, but I know about rest of the world.

Top 5 bladers of all time
– Aaron Feinberg
– Brian Shima
– Carlos Pianowski
– Alex Broskow
– Chris Haffey

Top 5 trips / tours
– My first Winterclash trip (2007) when Haffey asked me to promise him that I won’t stop blading. He definitely doesn’t remember that, but I do.
– Every Winterclash trip has been awesome.
– Trip with my family to Thailand when tsunami joined us!
– Hedonskate Summer Tour 2012.
– Every trip to Poland has been awesome.

Top 5 most played on your iTunes?
– Bob Dylan- Ballad of a thin man
– The Misfits- Saturday night
– Foreigner- Juke box hero
– Death – Keep on knocking
– Joy Division- Disorder

True Mizu (shot by Kuba Urbańczyk)

Top 5 ways to spend 5$
– Useless shit on eBay!
– Local burger place.
– A little bit of gas for my car, so I maybe get home.
– Something nice for my girl.
– Munchies

Top 5 things to worry about
– Money
– Future
– Fuck it
– don’t worry
– be happy

Top 5 items to take on tour
– Fresh socks
– iPod
– Homies
– Blades
– Ganja

Top 5 things about having a talented videographer as a brother
– We can come up with next level shit when we want to.
– He’s actually better than everyone thinks.
– He’s got always great ideas.
– Everything we are doing together, we do as smooth as possible, even if it takes 50 tries!
– Check edits he makes and there’s no questions needed.

Top 5 cities
– Berlin
– Barcelona
– San Diego
– Jurmala
– San Francisco

Top 5 things about girls
– They make you happy.
– They are cute.
– They make world much more interesting.
– Wouldn’t be men without girls.
– Tits

Top 5 things to do when you’re not blading
– Chill / smoke with homies
– Ride a bike
– Spend time with my girl
– Eat my mom’s food
– Watch good movie

Top 5 worst injuries
– Broke my heel before summer
– Broke my other heel before next summer.
– Fucked up wrists for ever
– Fucked up face with blood everywhere after missing Ao top acid from a launch. aahhhh yeah!
– Twisted my ankle before Ponycup finals, still skated at the finals and after wasn’t able to skate for 2 months

Top 5 things to achieve before you die
– Pro skate
– 10 million dollars in my pocket
– Jump with squirrel suit
– Control my dreams
– Sweet family with nice small house with swimming pool, cinema, skatepark and shit

Nils Jansons rides for Remz, BHC, Hedonskate, The Hive

Nils Jansons – 2011 from martins jansons on Vimeo.