Interview: Jon Julio about Blading Cup 2014

The Blading Cup Fund – Raiser is going down this weekend and Jon Julio and his team are already busy preparing for the main event, taking place November 1st in Santa Ana. We wanted to hear more about this weekend’s pre-event and of course about the changes for Blading Cup 2014, and Jon Julio took the time to send us some answers.


This weekend the Blading Cup Fund – Raiser is going down. It’s the first time that you’re organizing a fund – raiser, please tell us why you came up with that idea and what you’re going to do with the money.
It started by talking to the Lux Armor guys a couple weeks ago. I’ve been working with them closely on ramp prepping for November 1st . It originally was going to be a pep-rally event to get everyone excited for this year’s contest, but ultimately we were inspired by the success of the Windy City Riot Fund Raisers .

Were there more sponsors involved last year, or why is the fundraiser necessary this year?
There is actually more support this year. I’m still finalizing all the sponsors now, but this year we already raised the same amount of $ as last year. But what we didn’t have last year and what we dearly missed were the bleachers. So in turn the fund raiser is primarily to raise enough money to cover that additional cost. Plus any extra money raised would go straight into the prize money.



What pros will be joining the session and what’s going to happen besides the blading part?
As of right now no confirmed pros just a gathering to get as many skaters together as possible. It will be a good time where you can session, eat, and drink. We will also have some info and promotional items to hand out about this year’s event.

How is the organization for the actual Blading Cup event going so far? Can you already confirm some pros and how is the park going to look like this year?
This year we will be blocking off the newly renovated east end of 4th st. in downtown Santa Ana. The Bladingcup 2014 street course and trade show will be placed right in the middle of 10+ new restaurants and boutiques including the new 4th st. Market Place which will emphasize local artisans featuring dozen small-scale restaurants that would be called fondas, as well as coffee, beer, and wine.

The skinnier landscape of the street will give the course a more downhill – slope style. We will also feature a clinic area where people can try out and demo skates.

In addition to all, we are excited to announce that the infamous Beat Swap Meet record show will be setup adjacent to the Blading Cup. Beat Swap Meet lures thousands of vinyl collectors, bboys, and dj’s nationwide. This will be their 1st event located in Orange County. Both Blading Cup and Beat Swap Meet will be featured and promoted events for the monthly DTSA Art Walk & Dia De Los Muertos Celebration. We are excited and expect this year’s Blading Cup to be the biggest one yet. Like every year expect to have people attending and competing from all over the world.

As of right now I have skaters confirmed to attend from all over the world. Asia, Europe, South America etc… But we are currently working hard and getting our registration website online this week. From there we will get our confirmed skaters announced.

It seems like the city of Santa Ana really loves the Blading Cup and supports the event every year. How exactly is the city involved in the event and how did you catch their attention?
Living here in the area for the past 12 years I have been able to grow relationships with many of the property owners and business owners. This is now our 4th year doing the Blading Cup and every year the community looks forward to the event.

The Love Long Beach Blading Cup Qualifier went down for the first time this year. How many people actually qualified and can we expect some more qualifiers?
From the Love Long Beach Qualifier we had one skater qualify – Garret Mitchschelen. We also had a qualifier in Minnesota where Carson Starnes qualified and we had a qualifier in Barcelona where Nils Jansons qualified.

Who, besides you, is involved in the Blading Cup and makes stuff happen behind the scenes?
This year Jason Reyna has been helping with logistics and administration. Alejo from Mekah Design is helping with signage and promotional media. We will have the same crew helping with the builds. Lux Armor, Miguel Ramos, Fester, and of course the Orange Shirt Crew. East End Downtown Santa Ana association is a huge part of the Blading Cup’s existence and have always been a big help behind the scenes.

Of course we are always looking for new volunteers and sponsors. You can contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be apart of this year’s event.

How many riders and how many spectators do you expect for this years event?
We are expecting a high volume of spectators. The Beat Swap Meet alone will bring a lot of people. This year we look forward to it being the biggest Blading Cup yet.

In addition, We will be opening up 2 more categories this year. 16 and under and 30 and up for the old timers. This will give opportunity for everyone to shred!

Thanks for checking in with us. Any last words?
Thanks to everyone who have helped and contributed! If you aren’t able to attend the Fund Raiser and/or the Blading Cup on November 1st you can still donate and contribute here

Thanks for your help Be-Mag!