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Interview: Austin Bartels about The Come Down

Texas’ very own Austin Bartels is currently finishing his second full length video “The Come Down”, which will be featuring some of the finest bladers the Lone Star state has to offer. The trailer looks promising, the riders line-up is awesome and the city of Austin has proved to be one of the strongest scenes in blading right now. More than enough reasons to get excited, so let’s take a closer look and find out more about the project.

Photo: Anthony Medina


Hey Austin, thanks for doing this with us. Where are you right now and what did you do before you started answering my questions?
At my new place that I just moved to in South Austin. After getting home from work I packed a fresh bowl and made myself a glass of Jim Bean on the rocks and captured some footage.

For a start, please introduce yourself…
Full Name: Austin “Foogie” Bartels
Age: 19
Born in: Tyler, TX
Currently living in: Austin, TX
Blading since: off and on since I was around 7 years old

When did you start filming and editing?
A couple of years back. My first camera was a GL 1 that I bought it from my good friend Cody Sanders. I was hooked as soon as I filmed my first clip ha.

When and why did you decide you want to work on The Come Down?
Almost a year ago. It was during when I was in the process of moving to Austin and I would drive down here on weekends to look for places to live and blade/film in my free time with the dudes. After long discussions with Cody and Mr. Heath Burley we decided it was now or never to put this project together.

Is it your first full-length blading video? If not, please tell us about your previous projects.
First to be recognized haha. It’s my second vid. My first one was “Tainted Youth”. That video was quite an experience starring myself, Cody, Timona Kasue, Andrew Broom, Colin Mears, Cameron Chambley, and many more. Check it out some time if you want.

Who is going to have profiles in The Come Down and what can we expect in general?
We’re still working on a set list. The scene here is constantly changing mainly because of new people moving here and people moving away too, sadly. For now I can name off Mick Casals, Andrew Broom, Heath Burley, Cody Sanders, Timona Kasue, Aaron Sembera, Eddie Bravo, myself (maybe).

Based on what criteria did you pick the guys for your video?
Man. What a great question. I don’t really look at “criteria” when it comes to blading. I mean, I have my opinions about certain kinds of skating and styles, but when I go out filming here I film everybody. I try to make everybody feel as welcomed and as part of the session as possible. I just like having fun when I go skating ha.

Photo: Anthony Medina


Are you going to sell it on DVD, on video on demand or is it going to be online for free?
I’m going to make a limited amount of dvd’s and sell for a few bucks, just to cover the shipping. I’ll put it online for free and free download. I’m not worried about making money off of the vid. Just doing it for my friends and the love.

It feels a bit like Austin has the most active scene in the blading world right now. Can you tell us a little more about what’s going on there?
So much dude. I’ve come to learn that there is never a dull moment in this city. Austin is the place to be inside and outside of blading. The blading scene here feels like a second family. We all support each other with projects, skate together weekly, and always have a good time with each other. Outside of blading we just experience everything Austin has to offer. Live music, art, swimming holes, partying, etc. Best scene…right now.

When can we expect the Come Down to be released and do you already have plans for afterwards?
Honestly, I’m not sure about a release date. There will be more content very soon though. Afterwards we will have to wait and see. Just living one day at a time.

Thanks for the quick interview. Any shout outs?
My pops. My moms. Family. The comedowners. The crumbsnatchas. 90third. Haitian Mag dudes. Le Seans. BladeGawd. Thank you Negrete, always.


Photo: Anthony Medina

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