Insight: Matt Luda

Chicago’s Matt Luda has got the second part in Strange Creature‘s Voodoo Show, is supported by Valo and is going on a Europe trip all by himself. Enough reasons to take a closer look.


Pictures by Brandon Smith (CLICK)

Full Name: Matthew Derek Ladewski

Age: 28

Blading since: 1997

Born in: Chicago, IL

Currently living in: Long Beach, CA

Sponsors: Valo, Themgoods, Strange.

Setup: B.Smiths, Black Creates, whatever wheels I can find.

Disaster Topacid Disaster Topacid

Relationship status: In a Relationship.

First ever pair of blades: Rollerblade rec skates. Basically, Lightnings.

First ever video you’ve watched: In the 9’s

Favorite Pro: Brandon Smith

Favorite Am: All Strange, All Haitian.

Favorite artist / band: (old) Lou Reed (new) King Tuff

Worst artist / band: New Indie

Favorite food: Chicago Style Pizza

Worst food: Non Chicago style pizza (but I still eat it)


Best job: Anything you love to do.

Worst job: Anything you hate to do.

Favorite city: Chicago, so far.

Worst city: Anywhere in Indiana.

Favorite terrain to blade: Hilly and old.

Worst injury: A lot of broken hands and fingers. Each hand 3 times.

Best trip in 2012:

Last trip: SF for Voodoo Show

Next trip: Chicago for family/friends. Germany for Summerclash, Denmark for Roskilde and possibly Amsterdam for vacation.

Next video part you’re filming for: Valo X Strange. Hopefully finish up a Haitian Mag 30/30. Get a few more things for V.