Insight: Kirill Galushko

(Picture by Nigina Shukurova)

Kirill Galushko is one of the most promising fresh faces to ever come out of Russia.
He is the only international Pro for Scribe Wheels and his edits are always highly praised by everyone. Time for a little insight with the 23 year old.

Full Name: Galushko Kirill Vladimirovich

Age: 23

Blading since: Since 2004

Currently living in: In Sergiev Posad

Sponsors: Razors Skates, Scribe, Rollerclub Dist, Gorilla Energy Drink

Setup: I have just received A5’s from Razors, gonna rock ’em stock-setup for
a while.

Relationship status: Free agent

First ever pair of blades: If I remember right, it was Razors Genesys 3

First ever video you’ve watched:

I saw my first blade-flick at the year of 7, I can’t even remember the
name of this VHS. The tape was found in my brother’s Roces Fifth
Element box, it was the first time I saw Arlo Eisenberg and Jon Julio.
Later, when I started blading myself, I found another skate video, it was a Russian flick from Iguana Team called “Life Line 1”

Favorite Pro: Andrey Zaytsev

Favorite Am: Kirill Kochetkov

Favorite artist / band:
I don’t have particular band in mind and tend to choose what my ears like. Lately it’s been more of a trap genre for me.

Worst artist / band:
Russian pop-music

Favorite food:
Italian and Chinese food

Worst food:
The one with bad smell

Best job:
The one you like, one that brings you joy.

Worst job:
The one that doesn’t bring any joy, and doesn’t bring any good money at the same time

Favorite city:
In Russia it’s Krasnoyarsk. In Europe it’s Barcelona. In Asia it’s Shanghai.

Worst city:
Haven’t seen it yet

Favorite terrain to blade:
I prefer new terrain, because you immediately use your imagination and invent the trick especially for that place. I like to improvise both at park and at street spots. Favorite place is miniramp, it gives me full warm-up process and makes skating feel like dance.

Worst injury:
My lower back injury, which periodically bothers me.

Best trip in 2012:
Big tour with Russian crew. Firstly Siberia, then Winterclash, and
Barcelona after that for street filming and chilling.

Last trip:
Last trip was to Krasnoyarsk, where International Kartel’ contest took

Next trip:
I prefer to avoid announcements of my future, don’t want to put the evil eye on my plans 🙂

Next video part you’re filming for:
Talking about big things, I plan to take part in the new Scribe Video.

Hey Kirill, where are you right now and what did you do today?
Right now I work on my Economics Diploma at home, in Sergiev Posad.
This year is my last one at the university.

You’re living in Moscow, how is the scene over there?
Overall good level. The new hot generation of skaters is growing!

What Russian Bladers were your inspiration when you started blading?
Andrey Zaytsev

You’re starting to get international recognition. I guess its much
harder to get your name out there when you’re living in Russia?

Can’t agree with you more, but I hope it stops in the near future!

How did your sponsorship with Scribe Wheels happen? How did you get in touch with them?
I contacted Scribe through Rollerclub Distribution, thanks BorisG. Dan
Fabiano noticed my talent and offered me to join the Scribe AM-team as their first international rider. Later I’ve got promoted to the PRO-status and got my first pro-wheel, I was very happy!

Did you visit events outside of Russia yet? And is your plan to travel Europe or the US soon?
Yeah, I’ve been visiting Chinese competitions for a while, also had trips to South Korea and Europe. I’m down to have more trips to EU/USA to film for some blading video-projects.

What are you studying and what are your plans once you will be finished (this summer?)?
I’m currently finishing Economical University. After that I plan to do some freelance video-production job and, of course, blade, travel and blade again!

Thanks for the quick chat. Hopefully see you soon somewhere in Europe. Any shout outs?
First of all thanks to my parents for their support, Boris Gaisner and Rollerclub Dist, Dan Fabiano and Scribe for recognition, my Asian friends, Spartak Alemasov and Kate Zhizhko, Irina Neuymina and Sib-Sub, and my dudes from Perpetual Motion. Thank God for everything. Enjoy your life and it will delight you!