Insight: Daniel Stirling

We are at Slamm Jamm in Liverpool and everyone is tap-dancing the new long flat rail. One can get depressed watching something like that because blading looks freakin boring and far from diverse in such moments. When almost giving up on watching the session, Brighton‘s Dan Stirling is coming around with a smooth AO Makio, grabed all the way. While everyone is looking angry and super focused on the next wild combination, Dan seems to have is own session and he even seems to be having fun. A group of older bladers gathers and is truly enjoying every trick Dan is doing. This session couldn’t be a better example of the actual state of blading and how much we need guys like Dan. People that pay attention to the details and appreciate the beauty of simple, well performed tricks. is proud to present Daniel Stirling, long time UK blader and artist.

Shot by Adam Kola
Shot by Adam Kola

Check his site before you start reading all this:

Full Name: Daniel James Stirling

Age: 25

Blading since: on and off 12 years?

Currently living in: Brighton

Sponsors: Cidy Life, Razors, Route one

Setup: Razor Cults

Shot by Jake Eley
Shot by Jake Eley

Relationship status: What you saying Jojo?

First ever pair of blades: Bauer FX1

First ever video you’ve watched: Fast Shoes

Favorite Pro: Sam Tuffnell

Favorite Am: Steve Collis

Favorite artist / band: Thats an impossible question but right now we’re listening to Tommy wright III 

Worst artist / band: Scissor sisters / Mika, haha Im spitballing…..

Favorite food: Dude these questions are impossible! 

Worst food: I pretty much like most food, I used to eats insects when i was a kid so…

Best job: Worked at a vintage store and got paid to listen to music, got free clothes, free food,VIP in most places in Brighton,worked with the best people / didn’t get much work done.

Worst job: Sainsbury’s 

Favorite city: Brighton

Worst city: I couldn’t say, gottalotta friends in shit cities

Favorite terrain to blade: Street/park 50/50. Im sure those odds would change if I lived somewhere like Barca.

Worst injury: Nothing major touch wood, broken scaphoid is a classic right? 

Best trip in 2012: Come on man you saw the Cidy vid right?

Last trip: London

Next trip: Barca AGAIN!

Next video part you’re filming for: Cidy LIfe 2013 video

Hey Dan, where are you right now and what did you do before you started answering all this? 

YOJOJO Im at my boy Ryan G’s in Oxford tonight, on my way home for Christmas, then heading to London tomorrow for Dom West’s leaving skate / drinks before he’s back to Auss! Sad times!

You’re living in Brighton and everyone keeps on telling me its the best place in the UK. What makes that place special?

It’s 100% the best place to live! The people, the ocean, the nightlife, the art, etc etc, can imagine living here forever!

You’re into drawing a lot. When did that start and is it something you can live off?
Been drawing since forever, its been a real eye opener this year with a few deals I’ve been working on, Im working on making a living from it as we speak! Check out my site

What about doing some stuff for blading companies? Is that an option / did you get requests yet? 

I’d be up for that, I’d have to be down with company though.

„Cidy Life“ just came out and you obviously part of that project / crew. Can you tell us some more about it? 

Cidy Life is basically a group of friends who all happen to blade and laugh too much at their own jokes and thought it would be a good idea to start filming it as something to watch back when we’re all old. It was this idea combined with Ryan G’s daddy-cam (an unwanted mini DV) that started the whole home movie feel of the edits. It was only ever meant to be just for fun and that’s what we try to stick to now, if it’s not fun we don’t use it. A recent trip to Barcelona and the release of a short skate vid has made us realise how productive 2012 has been without putting any real effort in. It also made us realise we should probably be better at skating by now haha! So the main motivation for the 2013 vid is to actually have some real tricks in. After the premiere someone came up to me and congratulated me on the film, I said cheers yeh it was really hard work haha/all the credit should go to Ryan Gillett he’s the only one that does any real work that goes into it. Check out all of our stuff @, its good to watch them all from the beginning.

Is there going to be another one next year? 

100%, and even with actual sections maybe?

You’re quite skilled on blades, how come theres so little of you to be found in the interwebz? Almost no edits… Lazy? Or you just don’t care about that stuff? 

Had no one to film me until a year ago I guess, I have got a little section coming out soon.

Alright. Thanks for your time! Any shout outs? 

All the CIDY LIFE dudes / my best mates, Ryan Gillett, Steve Collis, Simon Isles, Sam Tuffnell, Sharpy, Spary, Kola, Jake Eley / Loco skates, Sam walker, Welland, Sim&Mia everyones girlfriends Dommy and Kaydeee (Cheers for everything I owe you!) etc, Big up all the London Mandem Bower, Ally,Leon,Chillvers, etc Fllllllllldddluhhh My Girl George love you! mum&dad haha are we doing this…….. oh Big shouts to the super rad dudes at Haitian Mag for supporting Cidy Life we will roll together one day. Too many to mention everyone else. Cheers

Shot by Adam Kola
Shot by Adam Kola