Insight: Antony Pottier

Belgium powerhouse Antony Pottier is blading for not even ten years but quickly developed to one of the best riders from Belgium ever. His fast blading and pure control put his name on the European blading map. We asked him for some more details…


Full Name: Antony Pottier

Age: 23

Blading since: 2003

Born in: Verviers / Belgium

Currently living in: Herve ( Liége ) / Belgium

Sponsor: Razors, Jug , Fenfanix , Muffin

Setup: Razors Silhan

Relationship status:

Favorite artist: Notorious BIG

Worst artist: Gangnam Style

Favorite city: Constanta ( Roumania )

Worst city: Roeselare (belgium )

Best trip 2012: We tour and GTK

Last trip: We Tour

Next trip: I don’t know

Next video part you’re filming for: Anonyme DVD by Anne Adrien