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Insight: Frederik Kofoed & WIND UP TOYS Full Movie

Frederik Kofoed will catch your attention from far away already. Not only does he look like he is doing modeling for a living, he is also cruising around faster than the average and when he’s not having fun on blades himself he is focusing on filming to make sure the good times get captured. That’s also why we decided to introduce him here on Be-Mag. He has a video coming out. “Wind up toys” is a crew-love movie and captures the good times that the Copenhagen boys are having on a daily. The kind of movie that makes you realize that sometimes it’s really only about having fun with your good friends and that you maybe should put on your blades yourself more often again.


Text: Johannes Jacobi
Photos: David Grant
Video: Frederik Kofoed

Full Name: Frederik John Kofoed-Sørensen

Age: 22

Blading since: I was a little girl

Born in: Roskilde, Denmark

Currently living in: Copenhagen, Denmark

Sponsors: R-A-D

Setup: A random pair of Valo


Relationship status: haha, I’m a free man

First ever pair of blades:
Warp (Stadium 75€ for a full setup)

First ever video you’ve watched: Adapt or Killerboots

Favorite Pro: Erik Bailey for sure

Favorite Am:
Andrew Nemiroski

Favorite artist / band: Brian Eno

Worst artist / band: All the stupid American kidzZ with a big white smile

Favorite food: Hotdogs

Worst food: Guts


Best job: Roskilde Festival (voluntary)

Worst job: No job – no money

Favorite city: London

Worst city:
Don’t know yet, but damn Germany really has some fuck’d places.

Favorite terrain to blade: Where my friends are.

Worst injury: Meniscus tear in 2001 and right now in 2014, almost 6 month’s every time.


Best trip in 2013/2014: Moped cruise to Summerclash in June ’14

Last trip: Roskilde Festival ’14

Next trip:
Nothing planned yet, but I really wanna travel around Europe with my little red moped.

Next video part you’re filming for:
Comeback edit when I start skating again after my injury.

..a video by Frederik Kofoed

Filmed in Copenhagen.
Kåre Lindberg
Christian Berg
Anders Rishøj
Palle Skovhede
Frederik Kofoed and many more……