Interview with Miguel Ramos

Intro by Abdiel Colberg
Interview by Oliver Nermerich

1. Who are you?
My name is Miguel Ramos. I am 28 years old and I am from Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.

2. What was the last thing you did before you started answering this questions?
Walking around NYC sitting down places chilling. Doing some introspection and retrospection about myself and life in general

3. Where are you right now?
I Just got to Josue Diaz Apt. in Brooklyn NY (PSYKO clothing owner).

4. You competed in this year’s Asian X-Games in Korea and placed third behind Yuto Goto and CJ Wellsmore, right? How come we didn’t hear anything from you before that? It seems like you popped out of nothing?

It was the 2010 ChunCheon World Leisure Cup. It was a really amazing and well organized event – very similar to the X-Games. How come you guys never heard from me before that?
Well I’m not sure… I am just another rollerblader that has lots of passion for rollerblading like lots of other bladers on this planet! And this is the first time I have an interview about rollerblading! Maybe that’s why you didn’t hear anything about me before that. 

5. In which contests did you compete already and what were your best results?
I don’t know.. I’v been in a few contest’s randomly through the years. They just happen. I don’t consider my self as a contest rider. I never take contests too seriously. I see contests like a day that you have the chance to blade with friends from so many different parts of the world.. and shred hard and just ‘fluyendo” flow around and have fun!Well thats the contests that I have been too:– Brazil x games few years ago (6th place)– ASA amateur world finals. God know’s what year that was. I think I took the 4th, 5th or 6th place – I dont really know– LG at Birmingham UK in 2000 something… I placed around the top 10. – WRS Finals 2010: I actually placed first at the Amateur competition:)– But I think my favorite one was 1996 NISS in Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York. That was my first time in the States and I had the chance to blade with Tom Fry, Dion Anthony, Randy Spizer, Jon Ortiz, Arlo Eisenberg, Bryan Bell, Eddie Campos (RIP), Jess Dyrenforth. Ray Mendez…and loads more!

6. Congrats for the WIN at the WRS FInals by the way. Is this just the beginning of a new Miguel Ramos era? Are you going to visit some more contests in the near future? What can we expect from you?
Well I’v been around enjoying rollerblading since xmas 1992. I never thought about the beginning or the end of my rolling career. I try to see rollerblading as a lifestyle.. And I try to keep it inside my daily basis of life. I blade to free my mind and I just love the feeling of cruising around. Life is full of stress and oligations etc. And rollerblading can become stressful sometimes.. but we need to keep that love and passion intact and enjoy rollerblading at the fullest!
What you can expect from me in the future? Whether contest or no contest I will be just travelling. Its been one of my favorite things to do since I’m a little kid. I love to blade new things. Expect to maybe see me pop up out of nowhere , rollerblading at your town or having a beer in your local bar. But seriously, hopefully one day I will be able to work in the rollerblading industry. That’s something that drives me to do marketing at college. Rollerblading is a culture where I grew up and I’v been a fan of rollerblading since 1992. 


7. You are from Puerto Rico right? How is the status of the rollerblading scene there? Is it comparable to the rise of the South America scenes? 
Yes I am from Puerto Rico. Well it’s hard to compare it to South America. Puerto Rico is just a small Island. But yes I think Puerto Rico is rising again with things like “footage tape”, it was a great project also Psyko clothing did a tour in the island earlier this! Hopefully Puerto Rico will get more coverage soon. The scene in PR is still there and its been for years and years. Lots of nice people that have been rollerblading for years and very good ones. Just to name a few: Rafael “Iron man” Cruz, Alejandro Velez, Gabriel Arturet, Paul Moulier, Hector “tato” Gonzalez, Jesus Martes and a few more. You can see them and few others in a local video called “De tripas Corazones” made by Christian Placeres. 

 8. Yeah we will make sure our readers will get to see some more coverage soon. Do you have more rollers in Puerto Rico right now than five years back?
We still have a very similar amount of rollerbladers in PR compared to 5 years ago. But I know a few ways to make it grow even bigger in the right way. And its not that hard to do it.


9. We are looking forward to seeing your efforts. How did you get in the US? For what reason did you leave Puerto Rico?
I have been in the US back and forth for years now. I have an american passport so I can come and go …but I decided to live in the US full time since it’s very hard to find jobs in Puerto Rico. But I think the main reason I came to america was that 
I finally completed a huge project in Puerto Rico that some friends and I started when I was 12 years old: We created and built nonprofit-facilities including a huge skatepark. After accomplishing this project I felt like I can dedicate some more time into projects like that and rollerblading in general. 

10. What are you doing for living?
I do lots of different things. I went to college and study marketing for 5 years. And I’v been part of 2 non-profit organization’s for more than a decade in Puerto Rico. One of them is a skatepark that also is a community service organization that gave kids a chance and place to do sports. It’s a very chill place with an amazing view to the Atlantic Ocean and every Friday the organization get together and take care of the place and people learn to feel responsible for the place. I also organize contests since 1995 around the island to promote Rollerblading and other things. Also in the summer I work at Woodward West teaching kids how to shred and enjoy rollerblading. What’s better than that? And also at the Woodward Hotel where I am the bartender a few times a week..I also work with wood or concrete related construction..I am just a very handy man! 😉

11. Are you gonna work on a “One Minute One Spot” for be-mag soon?
I would love to start working on that.. for some reason it’s hard to film when I’m blading. Everybody is so busy with life. Its kinda weird to film myself. I’ve done that before but I’m more lazy these days. But I will find a way to make it happen again

Thanks for your time and we hope to see some more Miguel Ramos coverage in the future.
I am very grateful to have this opportunity. Thank you guys very much. And props for making Be-Mag such an amazing online source and magazine! And a final shout-out to all the people around the world who enjoy rollerblading.


Here we’ve got two more nice guys who have to say something about Miguel Ramos.

I met Miguel many years ago in PR (Puerto Rico) where we were filming with Christian Rodriguez for HOAX 4. It was at a ratty ass skate park in Qubradillas PR. I went to this place thinking holy shit I’m going to get robbed here. The surfaces were gritty and the park was full of shards of metal ready to slice any one that fell. I  remember having a ton of fun there because everybody had awesome attitudes about the visit and the scene was amazing. I never really connected with Miguel there but i do remember being introduced to DON MIGUEL. After connecting with him in the later years through meetings for the Inline Federation I realized that this guy had so much heart for Rolling and our culture. You can really say that for many of the people involved in inline today. Yes there are a few but not many try to look out for their region or the future of Rolling culture as a whole. Miguel has really sacrificed a lot for Rolling. From his commitments back home at his local park to his commitments abroad Miguel will give his right arm to see the sport progressing, but also to develop his own talent. Everyone that sees Miguel skate will tell me “Damn that dude make Rollerblading look fun” . I have heard that from some of the top skateboarder and bmxers that come to Woodward plenty of times. As a Rollerblader Miguel get respect because of his level of skating but also because of his embrace. At 6’4 Miguel can be a very intimidating guy but to many that actually get to meet him, they realize that this guy is more than just a typical Rollerblader, he represents a lot more than just skating. After 15 years of skating, living or working with Miguel he has become more than just a friend, but a member of the Velasquez familia. I could go on about how great Miguel’s skating is, but to fully see his talent you just have to skate with him by yourself. It will be a good session. That’s for sure.
by Richie Velasquez

I am honored to say that Miguel is a great friend of mine.I have known him since he was about waist high, and he has always been the same, all the time i have known him. Miguel in life is the same way as he is when he skates, full of passion, high speed, wide open, and care free.  When I say care free it’s not to say that he just kinda floats along, but to say that he is true to his direction. His ideals. He is wise beyond his years and very passionate about a great number of things. Just ask him about our island’s history, Puerto Rico, and see for yourself what I am talking about. Migi has always had ¨his¨style. Always fast, and big. To this day, he is one of my favorite people to ride with, not to mention hang out with. Always finding new and great lines, calling them out, and getting them done. Even pointing them out for others in the session to hit up. His style, his personality, its all Migi. The way he dresses, the way he skates, the way he lives his life. Ever since the early 90´s, Miguel has been skating his ass off, and has never stopped pushing. Never stopped being true to himself, and that is what I love the most about him.

I could go on and on, write way more about drinking Jack Daniels, and hangin out, but if you know Miguel, then you already know… Aside from being an awesome skater, he is a great person, a great human being, and most of all, a great friend. I love you brother.
by Steven Caro