In the Know: Don Bambrick

Introduction by Sean Patrick Quinn
Photography by Brendan Quinn

Questions provided by members of the Be-Mag msgboard

fast eddie: How many times have you accidentally (or on purpose) burned yourself with a cigarette? 

A couple times on accident but never on purpose.

fast eddie: Why aren’t contests fun for you? 

Contests just aren’t for me. I prefer to film parts and stuff of those sorts.

fast eddie: Do you ever have dreams that your teeth are falling out? 


Muppet4Eternity: Why don’t you make more edits? No fair. 

Haha, it would be a lot easier to make more online content if I had a camera of my own. However I just filmed my promo for the Bambrick Carbon 3 so that should be out soon!

Muppet4Eternity: Compared to the Carbon 2, how much more supportive is your new Pro Model? 

Much more ankle wise.

Muppet4Eternity: Do you skate drunk, and what are your reasons for your answer? 

No, that is a terrible idea. That’s asking for a bruising

Alex Coe: Shampoo, rinse, repeat, or no? 

Just one shampooing, haha… no repeat.

Mudhut Jollyrancher: How drunk are you right now?


rollerbreaker003: What keeps you inspired to continue progressing in blading? 

All of my friends.

Matthew Shannon: Did you think Razors was going to fire you at the time it happened?

Not at all…

Matthew Shannon: Do you like the nickname Bambi? 

Not really but I guess some people still know about that…

Matthew Shannon: Whats your favorite Justin Bieber song? 

Never Say Never

skippykills: Favorite skate tour you’ve been on and why? 

Filming for “On Top” was pretty fucking awesome. That was when the party van was created. A great group of friends just shredding and stacking.

ift: Sickest dude that doesn’t shred anymore and you’d love to see come back? 

Wow, Brandon Campbell, Dustin Latimer and Rob Thompson.

CraftyBarnardoProductions: When Airborne Skate Park was still around, who taught you how to skate? 

The Durasas 

CraftyBarnardoProductions: Do you still skate with your brother?

I wish he skated more but sometimes. He can still throw down.

jonathan: Explain this photo, please.  

Haha, you’ll never know if it’s real or not.

dag.: Why didn’t you skate the entire time you came to Tampa when you were filming for the Sixwonsix video? All you did was smoke cigs…  

I’ve been to Tampa?

Muppet4Eternity: What time do you go to bed and wake up on an average night? 

In bed by 9pm wake up at 6am.

Alex Coe: SNES or GENESIS? 

Man, I have to go SNES on this one. Just the way I was raised.

chancey: Will you ever cut your hair short again? 

Probably not.

chancey: Are you happy about how quickly you got your pro skate for USD? 

I am extremely excited about my Carbon. I think it skates great and it looks solid.

Metric Fuck-Ton: What’s it like to no longer be stronger than ever? 

I feel like a million bucks.

codyreffner: Does pot make you feel all wacky in the brain? 

I don’t get down with that stuff.

ilurk: What are your views on companies keeping pros just for their image/past sections and not their current skills? 

There isn’t the kind of money for that. 95 % of pros are constantly working on something one way or another.

psyfron: As a pro shouldn’t you set a better example than smoking a lot of cigarettes and binge drinking? 

Rollerblading has never been your cookie cutter goodie two shoes “sport”. I didn’t hear kids whining about FP when they were doing all the same things. This isn’t soccer or something.

RyanBeehlerrr: I read in ONE that you quit smoking cigs, started back again? 

Yea, I was clean off those for 3 months when I wrote that. I guess I relapsed.

rollerbreaker003: How do you feel about the shift from real skate DVD’s to online videos? 

To be honest: I hate it. I know it’s different times but I like to own something and be able to hold it.

rollerbreaker003: How do you think that affects the industry? As far as putting videos of “Joe Schmo ‘testing’ his Carbon 4’s that he just bought” next to edits of Erik Bailey and Chris Haffey? 

I think it is hurting our industry. I think there needs to be way more filtering on these websites like rollernews and such. There is no reason “Joe Schmo” should ever be right next to a Dominic Sagona section or something. 

ift: Your favorite city for street spots? 

Still never been to Barcelona.

denialchild45: How was being out there? 

I never got that memo.

Kevin Lubovich: When you are no longer considered “pro”, what are your plans in your career field? Working, school or have anything in mind? 

Manual labor.

nyrolla420: This following question sums up everyones questions in one question: Why do you suck at skating now? Fuckin’ why? 


jesus: Do you miss us? We miss you. 

I miss ya’ll.

jesus: What was it like hurting yourself the 2nd day of our month long tour (filming for Charg!ng) and having to sit in the van for a month not being able to skate? Do you think kids account for injuries, production timelines and gerneral wear and tear on athletes bodies before they complain about sections created (online or DVD) or do you subscribe to the idea that ‘haters gon hate’? 

Man, that was a tough one! Hard to watch all the dudes shred and be on the injured list. I’m healthy now though and “haters gon hate”…

jesus: If we could do SDSF all over again would you go or stay? 


jesus: Will the Lions go to the playoffs? 

That’ll be the day.

jesus: Will the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup? 

Always a possibility.

Arsène: Dear Don, you are under nuclear radiations, you survive and you have to choose a super power; which one? 

Snap your fingers and a beer appears… Kinda like some weird Bud commercial.

Muppet4Eternity: We all know you were out there with Razors. Are you still out here after? Are Razors still out here? Is Julian still out here? 

Me and Julian kinda decided to go home.

Z: With so few pros to ever come out of Detroit, do you feel an obligation – to a certain extent – to the scene? 

Detroit has one of the finest scenes of anywhere I have ever been. An obligation? Eh, I don’t think so. I have been blessed to see some great skaters growing up: Brian Murphy, Nate Vince, Danny Gill… I could go on and on about that.

Z: When Airborne closed it’s doors, do you feel that was a blessing in disguise for you to take your blading to the next level? Kind of like nothing really holding you back or tying you down. Like everyone’s childhood clubhouse shut down.

That was a sad time. Luckily we have lots of good indoor skate parks in MI but nothing compares to Airborne.   

Dan Barnes: What did Mindgame mean to you before and after you got on the team? 

Mindgame was almost unreal at first when I got on the team. Obviously they had an enormous influence on skating right after BFG. I probably watched that video 500 times, haha…

*ROYALwithCHEESE*: When did you recieve your first vest? 

I don’t own a vest. Just saying…

delars: When you and Dre and Horn came to Forward Freestyle skatepark in Belgium, we ended up playing this card game in the late hours. Nowadays my friends and I play it alot. But the sad thing is I never catched the name of the game. So now we’re just calling it ‘The Bambrick Game’. Do you care to tell me what it’s really called? 

That my friend is called “Rubberband Man”… 

Mr. Floyd: Don, any chance we might see you at JSMS next year? 

I feel really bad I haven’t made it out to any of the sessions. I just always seem to be involved in some sort of project at that time of the year. I will do my best to make it!

bootypooty: You ever seen that education connection commercial? That chicks not that hot but I’d hit it. Great song too. 

Haha, I just love this.

denialchild45: Where is one spot you’ve always wanted to skate, but haven’t been able to due to it being capped/a bust/or just haven’t been there yet? 

Hubbas Hideout, Santa Ana blue wall school and Corona del Mar rails.

rollerbreaker003: Lastly, and most importantly: Ass or tits? 


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