Maaaan, that $enate hoodie, one of the most sought after items in rollerblading. That’s what style was about if you were a young and budding rollerblader in the times soon after Hoax 2 ‘Anarchy over America’, came out. For the ones born after Hoax 2 came out: T-Bone films was a production company founded by later porn producer Evan Stone that got into making rollerblading videos in the early nineties, and helped shape the visual style of rollerblading during the decade, with their most successful releases, the Hoax series.

After the success of Hoax – An In-line Crime, it was ofcourse time for a cross-country tour of the US, with the most influential skaters of the time. So, Arlo Eisenberg, B-Love Hardin, Brian Smith, Mike Opalek and Brooke Howard-Smith got in an old camper van and toured the US coast to coast. Hillarity ensued, and was documented for you, future generations of rollerbladers. And they also gave us style lessons in rollerblading.


Thanks to Evan Stone and the Mushroom blading guys Joey and Todd, we can also present you with the whole video, where you can see some of today’s most influential rollerbladers, such as Jon Julio and Eric Schrijn.

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