If you have wondered what has Guillaume Le Gentil been up to lately, now Be-Mag has the answer for you. He has been skating like a hungry animal for his first VOD section. And you get to see the trailer, and why he was reluctant on going down the path of making a VOD.


WORDS: Josip Jagić
PHOTOGRAPHY: Thibaut Vankemmel

So, what is your new project about ?

This project is the first VOD project I‘m doing. When VOD started to emerge in the inline skate industry, I was not really fan of the concept. I thought that if I pay for content I want the DVD or another support that I can expose with my old DVD collection in my living room and not only a dematerialized link… But the concept became more and more popular and I have noticed as well good sides of it. VOD is finally a great evolution for our sport. It makes kind of exclusive content that is not underestimated because it’s just dropped on the web for free. Free content has made our media less and less exciting. Are you often excited by a new video project which will be available for free? I think not really, only Vine Street gang, Borklyn Zoo and few collectives make us excited with their VODs. If you spend a lot of energy in video project to make it really cool, VOD will make your project not only « done » but viable and sustainable. But I never thought about doing VOD by myself until 3 months ago because if you decide to do that, it means you will need really serious stuff to share. But this time, I put together some good clips and I think VOD will be the good way to present it!

This new project is also quite different than everything I had done before. I pushed myself more than ever and it has a special meaning because it’s not only about my skating but also about me and my life. Today I cannot tell you more because like that I will spoil the project. Let’s check the trailer.

Where did you go filming, who did you film with, how much time did it take to make the section?
We chose to shoot this video only in Paris and it’s suburbs. I have filmed with a lot of homies from Paris and friends like Antonin Folliot, Ronan Algalarrondo, Tom Thieuleux, Stan Kogutyak, Piotr, Thibaut Maillet, Jules Renaud, Julien Joubert and many more… But this time the production of the project is managed by my friend Antonin Folliot and myself. Antonin was the DC Shoes France Video Producer few years ago so he knows all the things… As I am also a fan of skateboarding we have a lot of common opinions. Even if I’m Pro this section took me half a year. Skating is not my job and sometimes it’s pretty hard to combine work that gives you money and full time video project like that. But I like to be busy.


Why do you think it’s your best section yet?
I think it’s my best video section because there are tricks about which I will think until the rest of my life. Everybody has those one or two tricks in your entire life that are really special, and you know you will never forget them. I have been skating for 17 years and I can say that I have 3 tricks like that. This video shows them. But this is not only about skating, it’s also about the production that I managed this time with more professionalism with Antonin Folliot. We tried to make good quality footage and increase the quality of the clips. And this section is the best for myself because it’s not only about skating but also about my life and a personal accomplishment.

What are you doing for Rollerblade now? Are there any cool product news from Rollerblade for 2017?
I have worked hard for Rollerblade France these last 6 month on Marketing, Communication, Promotion and Distribution but the organisation has changed so now I will only focus on skating with Rollerblade® International. Now, I don’t know yet all the details about our program for 2017 but I know that it will be very exciting! 2018 Rollerblade® street collection is going to be completely different than before. I have worked with Tom Hyser and the product manager to bring to the Rollerblade® lovers pretty nice street skates. I can not tell you more, so stay tuned!
If you enjoyed the trailer stay tuned and go on fluolab studio sellfy (link) and watch the video project for only 2€.




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