2012: Jon Julio

The year is almost over and we decided to ask some of your favorite Pros to give us a little wrap up of their 2012. Events they’ve visited, edits or videos they’ve filmed for, their favorite moments of the year…

2012: Jon Julio


Hey Jon, how you’re doing these days?
Good just getting back from a trip to Arizona with Brandon and Ivan trying to get some last clips before the end of the year for Valo V.

How does your normal day look like?
Hmm usually try to find an am sesh at Centennial Skatepark or lately Paramount Skatepark (Santa Ana). Then head to the shop for a days work.

Hows Santa Ana in the wintertime?
This year it’s colder than normal. But it’s nice. Can’t beat SoCal weather.

You want to give us a little wrap up of how your 2012 looked like?!
Please name your 2012…

Blading Cup and Themgoods Shop Grand Opening
Was great to see blading back on national television in the USA and I opened up a beautiful space to showcase my brands.

Valo V North West tour was a good one. Can’t beat the north west. Great people and great spots.

Video parts / edits you’ve worked on:
Currently working on Valo V. Trying to put out a full part.

Making the constant trek from Santa Ana to NorCal. The Bay Area will always be home. JSF!

Spain. Can’t wait to go back.

Any specific moment or experience that stood out in 2012?
Maybe Blading Cup. Was a lot of work but was a great gathering.

Best in 2012…
Travel buddy:  Ivan and BSmith AZ trip
Event: Blading Cup
Country: USA
City: Santa Ana
Online edit: David Sizemore WRS 
Meal: Fried cheese taquitos from the gas station
Song: Scarface theme song
Girl: Wife
Blader: Dustin Latimer
Website: www.valo-brand.com
Company: Valo, Themgoods, The Youthco
Movie: Just watched “The man from no where” on Netflix . Foreign film, gnarly movie, recommend it.
Beer: Franziskaner
Party: Themgoods shop grand opening
Trick you filmed: Clips ain’t easy when you’re my age.

Whats planned for 2013 so far?
Valo V
Blading the game pro characters and new levels
Blading cup 2013

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