Formosa is the third of the Cayenne Project series, started in 2015 by Benjamin Büttner, Karsten Boysen and Freddy White, with the stellar cast of the best skaters of today. David Sizemore, Chris Smith, Josh Glowicki, Chris Farmer, Richie Eisler, Dominik Wagner, Scott Quinn, Carson Starnes and Joe Atkinson make up the roster of all three videos, that started with the namesake Cayenne Project, continued with Delfon Dio as the sophomore effort and now Formosa as the third.

Words: Josip Jagić
Photography: Dominik Wagner

Talking to Freddy in the late summer of 2017, I got the impression that their trip to Asia might be a real challenge, with finances not fully covered at the moment we spoke. Luckily, I was wrong. Even though Thailand, from what I can remember, fell through, Taiwan was a great choice, except for getting kicked out of a lot of spots. If you have attended any of the premieres or bought the video, you already know why, and if you haven’t, spend your hard earned, or off-your-parents-mooched money and buy Formosa.
While Freddy will tell you how the whole thing came together in the interview coming soon to Be-Mag, I can tell you a bit about how cool this video is.

It’s really cool.
It’s cool like Chris Farmer doing a line of three consecutive 20-something stair rails.
It’s cool like Freddy White doing a front torque on a stair ledge.
Cool like pretty much every thing Richie Eisler does from the moment he puts his skates on till he takes them off.
Like David Sizemore’s fastslides.
Cool like Scott Quinn’s AO fishbrains.
It’s cool like Chris Smith’s topside torques.
It’s cool like Carson Starnes breaking his arm and not giving up.
It’s cool like Joe Atkinson doing a vertical soul stall in the middle of a natural quarterpipe transition.
It’s cool like Josh Glowicki doing a 270 outspin unity on a stair rail.
It’s cool like Dominik Wagner carving a ramp at 100mph.
It’s cool like being jealous for not being there with them.
It’s more than cool because it’s a video about a group of friends who got together to have fun doing what they love, in spite of everything. It might be the video of the year.