The always fresh and stylish Yuto Suzuki of ROADHOUSE productions and Issei Sato of Soul Vision Works have just released their newest Tokyo based rollerblading video titled “FOLK”.

“FOLK” features profiles on the amazing likes of Takanori Sato, Yuto Suzuki, Hyu Okamoto and Hideki Kawai. There are also very strong guest appearances from Yuto Akiyama, Gauthier Kawase, Sho Suzuki, Hikaru Suzuki, Shintaro Nakayama, Danny Abe, ICHI, Yuya Nakamura, Keito Suzuki, Kazuya Ito, Hidekazu Ito, Keita Kunii, Schuki Yoshida, Issei Sato, Ren Fujiwara and Takuya Nakano.

“FOLK” is stacked with incredible talent and shows that the Tokyo blading scene is as strong and diverse as ever and the skaters featured all display their own unique styles, visions and personalities. “FOLK” was thoroughly entertaining, with exception filming as well as editing and has tons of replay value. All in all, great job by Yuto and Issei!

For more info on the video creators, follow Yuto Suzuki at amd Issei at as well as… and

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