Well, your boys kept on running:

Here we are with another Live Update from sunny Montpellier! As we got closer to the weekend, the already crowded FISE site doubled its capacity on Friday, which is fortunate as the real blading action also started with both Pro Men & Women qualifications, not to forget the Spine Ramp finals held at the recently built town hall for an epic night show:

Sunny weather, bigger crowds and actual blading, here we go for Day #3!

Words: Freddy White
Photography: Kaspars Alksnis

With a brand new course setup, featuring several rails, a beautiful rainbow ledge, and many transfers in quite a condensed space, the competition was bound to get technical as there was no room for mistakes or sketchy landings. And while the usual French suspects have already mastered this kind of skating, several strong contenders also proved they easily deserved their spot in Saturday’s semi-finals!

While Julien Cudot, Roman Abrate or Nicolas Servy flew over the course with big airs and incredible flips, earning the best scores of the day, international heads like Sem Croft, Antony Pottier, Tomek Przybylik or Joe Atkinson brought great flow and lines, along with some highly technical moves on not so obvious obstacles. You can check out the full results here, but as for the quick summary:

At this stage everything is possible, and as the blading will only get better from there, it’s still anyone’s game!

And while we should see some really exciting blading in the next round, later in the evening we got to witness an incredible show on the Spine Ramp already! As the sun set on Montpellier, the first heat of 6 riders, including Australia’s CJ Wellsmore or French OG Anthony Avella, absolutely murdered the ramp in front of an extatic crowd! Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the second heat, as with the night also came the humidity of a cold evening:

We’ll keep you updated on the next round re-schedule, so make sure to follow our Insta Stories for all the info!

As for now, it’s time to close that chapter, as we carefully avoided further partying in order to catch some well deserved rest! See, the nights in Montpellier can quickly escalate from “just one beer“to a really inebriated, 7a.m. “last drink“, as it’s been widely documented in the past on this very website! So in order to start working on our Day #4 Live Update right away, we let other take care of the partying:

Bye-bye, see you all tomorrow for another chapter then!

In the meantime, don’t miss a beat and follow #FISEblading2018 for all things inline at FISE World Montpellier!

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