The start before the start, the day before FISE:

Welcome to Montpellier, where after picking up Latvian wonderboy and Be-Mag photographer Kaspars Alksnis from the airport shuttle, we took this first timer for a quick look around the huge FISE site to check out the impressive structures built for BMX, skateboarding, MTB and more importantly, the shared Inline & Scooter park! A new course, with lots of big stuff, lots of technical stuff, and everything you need for an interesting contest:

The 2018 edition of FISE World Montpellier looks very promising already!

Words: Freddy White
Photography: Kaspars Alksnis

Not to mention the great spine ramp which was receiving another layer of fresh black paint as we kept on walking around for a bit, before hopping on a shared ride to the nearby city of Alès. There, we enjoyed a chill evening, meeting up with the crew of old friends and usual suspects for a warm up session at Urban Parc, and some even warmer raclette dinner. Quite the perfect way to get things started before Tuesday’s Chillax Roller Contest!

But before we get to the action, a word about the place itself:

Urban Parc was created by blader Charlie Ruckly (remember Vine Street?) to offer a safe spot to practice, teach classes and get more people on wheels of all sorts. Little to say he was highly successful in that respect! Along with them rolls the Wheels Club association, ran by Charlie’s wife Marie Goubet, who’s single handedly responsible for organizing the recent VISIONS exhibition within the walls of the park, with photos & video montages shown on the big movie screen during the city’s film festival!

Yup, these guys rock indeed, and have done an incredible job putting blading in the center of Alès’ life!

Victor Herbster – 540 drop attempt

The Chillax Roller Contest was another manifestation of this fruitful collaboration:

A selection of juiced up bladers and an enthusiastic crowd of locals, kids and parents took over Urban Parc for the day, and it was quite the perfect way to get ready for FISE! In the end, it was an Australian takeover, with local Hugo Ruckly managing to squeeze in between CJ Wellsmore and Oliver Czaja for second place (check the results here), while mad stuntman Victor Herbster attempted several 540 drops from the roof into the quarter pipe, eventually lacing a 540 TTP on the darkside of the downledge, thus earning himself the Best Trick award.

What happened afterwards:

Well, the logical conclusion of such a Chill day: More skating, some drinks at the bar (Urban Parc offers a selection of locally brewed beverages and great food to match), and friendly conversations on the lounge terrace of the Parc, as old and new friends caught up and pushed the night further away. Eventually, after another ride back to Montpellier with some stops along the way for history and stone carving lessons, your dedicated Be-Mag reporters arrived at the hotel just in time to pass out.

Crash. Day #0 over and out!

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CJ Wellsmore – Backside UFO by Kola (kind of)

Oliver Czaja – Wallride to 180 gap
Oliver Czaja – Front torque
Julien Lemoine – Wallride

CJ meets Jean Claude: Can you see it too?

Kevin Péchuzal – Alley oop soul

Hugo Ruckly – Front torque
Oliver Czaja – Fishbrain

Victor Herbster – Another crazy 540 drop attempt



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