What a Sunday! There was so much blade action happening in Montpellier on the final day of the 23rd FISE edition that it was literally impossible to be everywhere and cover everything. In between juniors, veterans, and two women competitions, a best trick contest, a whole street event happening on various spots and a final gathering at the official rail battle, you can easily imagine how much running we had to do to get you a little bit of everything!

Intro: Freddy White
Photo report: Thijs Tel

So while our special reporter Thijs Tel managed to grab some shots all around the event venue, we did our best to keep track of some of the most memorable moments oall throughout the day: Here are some of our personal highlights, along with another solid photo gallery, right after the drop!

The youth is here! And we’re not just talking about 14 years old Korean prodigy Yoon Jay Jonghyun who managed to sneak into the top 5 of the pro comp and win the best trick contest as well: There were 12 juniors competing in the final round for a chance to grab a first win here in Montpellier, and as this number is steadily increasing and all these youngsters gain more experience, we can already imagine the impact they will have on the sport as a whole in the future!

And speaking of the sport’s development, how sick is it to have not only one, but two women competitions here at FISE? While 14 of them competed in the AM comp, the final round of the pros included some usual suspects like Mery Munoz from Spain or current FISE World Series champion, Manon Derrien. But it was another demonstration of the Japanese school of flawless skating as Chihiro Azuma took advantage of a her first trip to Montpellier to lace two perfect runs and bring the gold back home!

Another first-timer here in Montpellier, coming all the way down from the UK, Joe Harvey managed to get himself the top spot in the amateur competition, followed by another Korean sensation, Park Hyeonbeen in second place, and local rider and future grand reporter Sasha Gasselin! Close to 40 riders competed overall, and there’s definitely room for more, so don’t hesitate and come join the fun next year too!

From there it was time to run to the rail contest which was taking place on the other side of the Lez, and catch some of the final tricks including William Cerlo’s true porn and Xavi Eguino’s insane alley-oop top soul to 270 royale on the steep aluminum beast! While all the park action is indeed spectacular, it was still mind-blowing to witness these guys going so hard on such street obstacles, while enjoying a cool glass of wine and vibing with the crowd gathered in the stairs!

And it would be about time to wrap this third and final report up, as the last FISE survivors are just about to get on their way to the airport and hit the next destination! So enjoy this sweet photo gallery for now, and stay tuned for a couple more exclusive pieces from Montpellier we still have our sleeves! In the meantime, thanks for following us, we’ll catch you next weekend in Croatia for the 20th edition of the Pannonian Challenge!

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