Visvo is a new, extremely technicaL backpack project launched by Martin Fussenegger, one of the initial people behind Be-Mag and Ucon, one of the most technical and forward thinking brands to come out of rollerblading. Here’s what the Visvo project is about: Conceived by a team with over 15 years experience in product design, development and production of textiles and electronics, Novel are a new collection of backpacks designed with the diverse needs of cyclists, urban nomads and intrepid travelers in mind. Able to charge devices on the go, provide light when the sun goes down and keep your possessions safe, they are the first backpacks to combine and seamlessly integrate so many smart details together.

Over a period of two years a new series of backpacks was conceived by a small team of passionate creatives, travelers and gear enthusiasts. Having designed and developed over 150 backpacks to date, their journey is anchored in the idea that they are only as good as their last product. They are dedicated to creating well-made, purposeful products by combining the best technical features with a clean and functional design. The Novel Collection by Visvo is launched with the support of the Kickstarter community.

To fully finance the Visvo project, they started a Kickstarter campaign which you can also check out here and get yourself an early bird backpack at an affordable price, so don’t sit on it.

Check out the images of the product below.Visvo_Novel_Campaign-Image_04