Is this the USD Stretch Crew 2.0? A team consisting of Eugen Enin, Fridolin Eelbo, Richie Eisler, Jacob Juul, Nick Lomax, Mery Munoz, Carlos Bernal, Axel Bihagen, Daniel Goncharov, Jeff Dalnas, Jaro Frijn, Sam Crofts, Dano Gorman, Kuba Malecki, Randy Zoller, Roman Abrate, Montre Livingston, Justin Brasco, Takeshi Yasutoko, Diego Guillod, Tomek Przybilik and Chris Farmer is one of the best and most powerful in the 25+ year history of rollerblading. It does make sense to celebrate 20 years of USD in such a manner, with a vulgar, brutal display of power.

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