This year the people behind Shred Cologne celebrate the sixed edition of the Shred Cologne Blading Festival with the slogan: “Can´t touch this”. Yes they will take you back to the 80`s ghetto style. This means the whole location will be designed in a unique retro street look. For example, there will be skateable police cars, burning trashcans, graffitti obstacles, all lit up in disco lights and a pretty cool DJ who will create a special mood together with the one and only host Miguel Martinez from Hamburg. Visitors can compete at the Juniors, Girls, Amateurs and the Pro Contest or just enjoy the event with their friends. Need More? Here are ten reasons to book your flights today.


Words: Marco Sichau
Photography: Alexander Stock

1. The Pro Show. See a bunch of international pro riders battle each other. Nils Jansons vs. Julian Bah vs. Eugen Enin vs. Alex Burston and so on…

2. The specially designed Skatepark. Every year we evolve new obstacles sponsored by Loco Skates and Grindhouse to give every blader the chance to skate spots that never have been there before.

3. The Pre-events. Friday is packed with some special pre Action. First of all you can skate the special skateramps in a whole day blade only session. In the evening you will get a far jump and high jump contest presented by Adapt Brand and Julian Bah. Also you get to see a Video Premiere of Josh Glowicki’s Blade Camp filmed by Karten Boysen.

4. The Tradeshow. Beside Winterclash this is one of the only events where you can check out the newest products on the market. Brands so far: Loco Skates Bladeshop, Skate Solution Skateshop, Adapt Brand, The Blackjack Project, Be-mag Distribution, more to come…

5. The international riders. So far we got skaters from the USA, UK, Latvia, Austria, România, Columbia, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ireland, Marokko. Let`s see who else will join.

6. The Sideshow action. The Blackjack Project presents to you the sideshow skatepark, where you can warm up or just film some tricks during the main Competition.

7. Delicious food. If you like to get some fresh food or drinks in between you can visit our Bar and BBQ area.

8. The Afterparty. Like every year we will have a great Afterparty. This time we will visit the famous „Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld“ (CBE) where we will find the „Liebemachen“ Party with different Music floors (Hip Hop, Indiemusic, Deep House). The Afterpartys are always worth its money so better be there!

9. The Sunday session. Cologne is called the Mekka of Skating because we got 7 new and well designed skateparks all over the city. Visit them all and have great sessions with all the other international visitors.

10. The Love. A wise pro blader once said about SCBF “The main difference to other events is the love for every detail, you can fall the love”. We are grateful for these words and yes, even if the times are changing we will stay true to our love for the sport. We do this to make you smile so it would be great if you grab your friends and visit the beautiful city of Cologne on October the 7th 2017, to celebrate blading together. Thank you!








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