UK legend Rob Glanville suffered a life-changing brain injury in 2015, after a failed attempt at a trick. You might have seen his Showoff Gang section made by Ed Inglis so you already know the story, but Rob has also recently started an initiative to promote wearing helmets while blading. Here’s a quote of Rob’s from a recent article in the Sutton Guardian about his Lids Save Lives project: “This incident has taught me a valuable, whilst also incredibly hard, lesson. That I – and everyone else for that matter – should always wear a helmet when out skating, or taking part in a similar activity. Having a serious accident is one of those things that you never think will happen to you, until it does. So don’t take the risk, wearing a helmet really could save your life! This is why I want to start my charity – Lids Save Lives – to help promote helmet use in the sport, and to encourage more people to start wearing them”.

We hope to see more from Rob about the charity and ofcourse, a lot of his skating. Here’s the SOG section, so watch and learn.