Jett Rennert may not be a name some of our readers are familiar with, but he is definitely a skater that you need to watch out for. He has been seen popping up in videos from the Colorado and NDN crews for years but Jett and Geoff Phillip recently teamed up to deliver this hard hitting profile that took lots of us in the skating community by surprise.

Jett has a keen eye for choosing uncommon ways to skate spots and with his deep bag of tricks to choose from, he displays his wide range of technicality. Geoff Phillip and Tad Tregeagle also show that they are as proficient behind the lens as they are in front of it, blending unique angles and transitions seamlessly. We hope to see more from Jett in the future because we know he has all the right tools available to make for more solid productions like this gem.

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Photos by Kirill Braynin