The third installment of the Cayenne Project dubbed Formosa for the old name of the island Taiwan is situated on, is finally out. The cast of the crew hasn’t changed, it’s still a cast of rollerblading’s superstars Richie Eisler, Scott Quinn, Chris Farmer, Josh Glowicki, Joe Atkinson, David Sizemore, Dominik Wagner, Chris Smith and Carson Starnes. Produced by Freddy White, shot and cut by Benjamin Buettner and Karsten Boysen, it’s the most awaited video of the year. The video itself goes for the more than affordable 15 euro, you can get the tshirt for 25, the incredible book edited by Freddy with art direction from Dominik Wagner, another incredible work of art, for 40 euro. There are also packs, book and video for 50, video and tee for 35 and the whole shebang for 70.

Go get it here!