Be-Mag Issue #41

Be-Mag issue #41 coming at ya! Available now at your favourite blade store / newsstand / airport lounge (for those of you living the Tour Life). We’ve a sage and passionate opener from the Editor-in-Chief Jojo Jacobi, who also interviews Norway’s Olav Norheim (page 52). You’ll also find some personal insight directly from the biggest names to have competed at Bittercold, and some additional history, now that the series has come to an abrupt end.

Berlin’s Dominik Wagner filed a beautiful report (on page 18) from the other side of the world, Thailand. His experiences touring with Richie Eisler and Worapoj ‘Note’ Boonnim are full of adventure and danger, told in his signature style, with some incredible images to match.

Our columnist in San Francisco Brian Krans pens a hard hitting, no bullshit statement piece, about growing up. He’s too old for the bullshit, anyway. Our man in Barcelona Kevin Chow caught up with the globetrotting Chris Haffey, chatting about Nitro Circus and life on the road. Sam DeAngelis shares his unique opportunity of blading in The Congo during a trip to film for a medical charity.

Our French correspondant Freddy White writes from the heart, somewhat controversially, from the inside of the combined experience of the Summerclash / Berlin / Roskilde festival roadshow which takes place each summer in Northern Europe (page 26). It’s become a sort of rite-of-passage for those most dedicated, no matter where in the world you reside. Europe is strong in blading now, and it’s about time that was recognised. Those who haven’t made the pilgrimage, need to start saving for summer 2014.

Our writer in Chicago, Seán Ó Dálaigh interviews the ever talented Mr Tim Wolff (page 38), and filed a thought provoking essay on the future of blading, our young guns, the Cool Kids.

Of course there’s the usual super high quality photographic wizardry from the great and the good in the game; Adam Kola, Pietro Firrincieli, Greg King, Beatriz Conde-Corbal González and more. Thanks once more for supporting independent blading media for all these years. You’re the reason we’re still here!

Contents List Be-Mag Issue #41:

  • Column: I’m Too Old to Give a Shit Anymore
  • Showtime: Chris Haffey
  • Thailand: The Beach Diaries
  • Tourlife: Summerclash & Roskilde
  • Rolling Artist: Tim Wolff
  • Blading The Congo: Africa with Sam de Angelis
  • Soulstealing
  • What’s Next: Olav Norheim
  • Quickfire Round: Nils Jansons
  • Bittercold History: Nothing cold can stay
  • Future: Cool Kids


Be-Mag Issue #41
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