Ant Medina’s Local is like Sunday lunch at your mom’s or aunt’s place. That warm, familiar feeling of Sunday roast with mashed potatoes, green salad and afterwards strudel for dessert. You look forward to it, knowing that the familiarity will make you feel secure and at ease. While the skating is great, as the Texas scene is full of incredibly talented skaters, it’s that feeling of family and good times that sold the video to me completely. If you have a smart TV and can watch it on a big screen, it’s just a treat. It’s going to be my video to get hyped up to skate this weekend.

So, the tech details. : LOCAL is a short Texas blading film spanning the last 9-10 months. LOCAL features Ant Medina, Grant Collins, Andrew Broom, Mick Casals, Brandon Bobadilla, and a handful of other homies.

Film/Edit: Anthony Medina
Additional Filming: Andrew Broom, Brandon Bobadilla, Cody Sanders

Photography: Joseph Gammill

Intro: Sam Cooke – Nothing Can Change This Love
Ant Medina/Grant Collins: Tyler, The Creator – Okra
Dallitude: Moow – Honey
Brandon Bobadilla: Boyscott – Marco Polo
Andrew Broom: Czarface & MF Doom – Bomb Thrown
Mick Casals: Levitation Room – Strangers Of Our Time
Outro: Allah-Las – Fish On The Sand