Enjoy the Fusion: Beck’s Black Currant

Only available from May till October of this year, Beck’s Black Currant is about to build up a strong cult following with the fruity/sour taste of currant mixed with one of the world’s leading beer brands.

Beck’s Black current isn’t only refreshing and tastes good, it’s also only available in a six pack. This comes in handy when you plan to finish off an exhausting skate session with your buddies.

Beck’s Mix knows how to combine ingredients that work well together. Have you tried some Beck’s Mix beverages? Are you already a fan of the Beck’s Mix drinks? If so, then dig into the Beck’s mix world on facebook and spread the word about it.

Additionally, make sure to visit the Beck’s website for more info on the company and their products! Take part in their lottery to win tickets to the event „Elektroeltern“ which takes place on July 9th in the Oberpostdirektion in Hamburg, Germany! These tickets aren’t available for sale, they’ll only be raffled!

Disclaimer: Advertorial by Beck’s