Karsten Boysen & Benjamin Büttner of the Cayenne Project have just released their second full-length video, Delfon Dio, a classic VOD which was released in the Spring of 2017. Delfon Dio features one of the greatest cast of bladers to ever share the screen together, such as Scott Quinn, Carson Starnes, Chris Farmer, Josh Glowicki, Joe Atkinson, David Sizemore, Dominik Wagner, Chris Smith and Richie Eisler. Delfon Dio was shot in autumn of 2016 in the beautiful streets of Greece.

As you have come to expect from Karsten and Benjamin, Delfon Dio is a beautifully filmed and stylishly edited piece of cinema that showcases the many different characters that all come together to share in their common passion for blading. Delfon Dio conveys the magic that can happen when you assemble some of the best individuals at their craft and place them in unfamiliar territory with no responsibilities other than to enjoy skating with their friends and document the insanity that commences. Delfon Dio is a great representation of our culture as it shows our best and brightest athletes doing what they do best; while also showing their unique personalities, all while being visually appealing enough to keep non-skater’s attention drawn in.

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