Chris Calkins has been hard at work both on the streets and behind the scenes at Undercover and Powerslide for years. To show their appreciation for all of his dedication and hard work, Chris has been bumped up to the Undercover Wheels pro team!

Videographer Daniel Scarano created this solid video introduction to welcome Okie to the UC pro team and the boys really outdid themselves. From perfectly executed connections to creative transfers and wallrides, Chris seems to always find a unique way to make use of the landscape around him. The X-grind to fakie ledge roll is one that will surely have you scratching your head in disbelief!

Congratulations, Chris! We can’t wait to see your pro wheel when it drops!

Be sure to follow Chris and Undercover wheels on their social media pages and their website and be sure to show Okie some love when his new wheel drops soon.

Instagram: @justokie

Instagram: @undercoverwheels

Facebook: UCWheels